A new Sunday evening tradition.

Yesterday afternoon was the perfect weather for a run. I headed out and did 6 easy miles and was instantly happier when I was finished.


Sunday night dinner has now become Pizza and ice cream. We just got a Papa Johns in our town so this is exciting stuff.


Annabelle decided on the ever popular insoles for dinner.

We watched Homeland and got a great night of sleep…AB has been sleeping through the night recently and it is awesome sauce.
After eating so much crap delicious food last night, I woke up ready for today’s run. I headed out at lunch with my running group and we did 6.3 miles at a 7:54 pace. My friend Jeanette is coming off an injury and she asked me to push her for a few miles. We sped up and did a few 7:30 miles and she did awesome. She was sidelined for over 6 months! 😦

Rocking my Pure Flow 2s, Pro Compression socks, and running skirt.

I’m not feeling too hot tonight…I got my flu shot this afternoon (I sometimes get flu-like symptoms from it) and my knee is giving me trouble.

She makes me feel better.


Do you get a flu shot?


  1. Your Annabelle is SO Cute! Congrats on a great run. (Sorry you are feeling a little flu like).

  2. Yes, got my flu shot a few weeks back and did feel a tad bit yukky…my knee was feeling a bit rough yesterday, however, I woke up this morning and it seemed better…strange…feeling draggy this week…this too shall pass…and I bet Annabelle is going to be a pizza lover too! Jake loves it so much!

  3. I got my flu shot and also felt a little down afterwards. Too weird! Glad your run turned things around 🙂 That always works for me!

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