Try something different.

Yesterday’s breakfast is one that I would normally have before a longer run. You just can’t go wrong with a bagel, almond butter, and a banana…and coffee.

Annabelle’s breakfast…Brooks Pure Flow 2s insoles. She loves these shoes as much as I do.

So, I ate a pre-run type breakfast and it was great weather for a run, but I listened to my body and decided to take a running rest day to try something different. What did I do instead? Spin class! It has been a long time since I took one and I really liked the music and the energy of the class. My legs were like jello at the end and I was a sweaty hot mess. Lucky for you all, I didn’t take any pictures.

After class I refueled with a salad (lettuce, orange peppers, onions, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, figs, and pecans), Chobani blueberry yogurt, and some yogurt covered raisins.

After work, I tried something different and I actually cooked dinner! We had BBQ grilled chicken, corn, and broccoli salad. The smoke detector usually goes off when I use my grill pan, but not last night. 🙂

I kept with the theme and I tried something different for dessert. I had a pumpkin glazed doughnut AND ice cream with chocolate syrup. It was a very good decision.



Tell me, what will you try different today?!?!


  1. Freaking YUM to the pumpkin donut plus ice cream combo…I approve!

  2. Those pumpkin donuts look amazing! Donuts are my favorite food, I actually had one today (sadly it was not pumpkin though!).

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