A double bath kind of day.

Just an FYI…I’m going on an ice cream detox until at least Friday :-). I ate this last night and enjoyed every bite.

Poor Annabelle got a stuffy nose last night, so she’s a little under the weather today.

We went to breakfast and had to get home in a hurry. This.was.gross.

After her second bath of the day, she and Chris napped and I organized her clothing. I have 5 bins full of clothing that doesn’t fit her anymore and I’m not even finished. If we have another girl in the future, we are set. 🙂

I finally headed out for a run in the late afternoon and this is what I saw as I parked my car at the NCR Trail.

This is a really cool steam train that takes passengers on short rides along the trail. It’s really cool to see in person and I hear it’s sold out for a while!

I headed out and did 8 miles (4 miles out and then turned around for 4 miles) at a little under an 8 minute pace.

I know this “hill” doesn’t look that bad, but it never ends and the steady climb is difficult on tired legs.

I made a pit stop after 8 miles and then headed out for 2 more easy miles at about an 8:30 pace.

Double digit run…check! I also did some incline push ups using a bench…I probably looked really strange.

I don’t mind cold weather runs because I always warm up pretty quickly. However, once I’m done and I cool down…I FREEZE! How do I warm up?

The sticker on my lid made me very happy.

Warm or cold weather runner?
Anybody else experiencing a double bath day???


  1. Sure, double bath days are great lol wow your little sure needed it, oh my gosh! Also, my little girl has that same fisher price dog that sings songs 🙂

  2. Warm weather all the way! I have been running on a really cool trail near my sister’s place. I did 7.25 Sunday and 6 yesterday! I hope to get a double digit run in this week though! We are headed from Seminole to Orlando today. The weather down here has been awesome!!

    We have had our share of double bath days with Jake that’s for sure!!

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