10 months!!!

This little girl celebrated her 10 month birthday yesterday! Yes, we are celebrating each month. 🙂

Things she loves right now:


Sesame Street!

Sitting up in her crib in the morning!

My Brook’s Pure Flow 2s insoles…lol!

Riding in shopping carts!

Standing up on her own! (Just started yesterday!)


Sleeping schedule:

Most nights she sleeps from 9 pm to 8 am. It is glorious!

What she eats:

Anything! (puréed). She will eat any type of baby food…lots of different types of veggies :-). She doesn’t like bananas (unless it’s baby food) and she loves pancakes and puffs/Cheerios.

She also likes to play with the bag that holds her snacks.

This month, we will be working on the ABCs and naming all of the Presidents. 🙂

I really need to get planning her first birthday party! Any suggestions on a theme???

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