Ginger ale and “Love it or List it”

The stomach bug has hit our household. Chris still feels fine and Annabelle has had one incident but seems ok right now. My day was spent in bed and watching “Love it or List it” while sipping ginger ale.

I still feel pretty terrible but I really need to feel better ASAP. 😦 Please send us happy and healthy thoughts.


  1. I’m sorry to hear you are sick…take care if yourself and AB. Hopefully your hubby won’t get it..

  2. Sorry to hear you are feeling icky! Those home shows such as “Love it or list it” can become quite addicting. I always get the bug to remodel or redecorate something when I’m watching those! Feel better soon!

    • Thanks, Meranda! I am hoping to feel all better by tomorrow. And I agree, I really want to do a lot of home improvement after watching that show all day yesterday!

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