Resting is not an easy thing to do.

Rest days aren’t the easiest thing for me to handle. I know a lot of other runners who feel the same way and it’s just hard to sit back and read about your friend’s awesome run. Insert runner jealousy.

Even though we may not want to take rest days, we NEED to. The reasons can include:

– it’s just time for your rest day
– you may be overtraining and need to take a step back
– race or event coming up
– recent sickness
– too much stress
– trying to avoid injury

Whatever the reason, listen to your body (and mind) and take rest days when you need to. I have rested for the past 3 days (ok, I was sick and was forced to rest) and I feel a run may happen in the near future.

My day yesterday looked liked this…I know you are all dying to know. 🙂

1. Got to work super early…6:55!
2. Bought a bagel and peanut butter and ate half of it.
3. Chicken noodle soup for lunch.

4. Girl Scout cookies!

5. Dinner with my parents and Annabelle

6. Train garden at the mall. AB loved it!


7. Played with Annabelle in her new fort!




Have a great Thursday!

Favorite Girl Scout cookie?
What are you eating for breakfast?


  1. Tag a longs (I will always call them that no matter what the Girl Scouts call them lol) and my first breakfast was cereal and my second breakfast was a piece of pumpkin bread and a mocha from Starbucks at the airport (my husband and I are in Florida for the weekend!)

  2. Thin mints! I ate an egg sandwich from the cafe’. That is the norm for me. Sending get well wishes your way! Let me know if you go on a long run over the weekend…don’t know what mine is looking like…but anyway…:o)

  3. That chicken noodle soup looks delicious. For me, the sign of good chicken noodle is wide noodles. Skinny noodles – no good.

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