Race week!

My next race, the Rehoboth Half Marathon, is this Saturday! I’m really excited to spend a weekend at the beach with my family, minus Chris :-(, and hopefully get a PR. I’m shooting for under 1:45. I’m nervous already.

Now that race week is here, I need to be smart about my workouts so I’m ready to rock on Saturday. Here are my workout plans for this week:

Stair climber, rowing machine, plank

6.3 mile run at 7:52 pace with negative splits. 2:45 plank.

Spin class!

Easy 5 mile run

Rest and carbo load with pizza!

Race day!!!
Today’s Eats!

I didn’t really eat dinner last night (unless you count fro yo as dinner), so I woke up starving. The solution…cinnamon raisin swirl bagel with maple almond butter.

I also had a banana before I did my lunchtime run.

Pumpkin ravioli in a butter sage sauce. Yum!

Yogurt covered raisins.

Salad with grilled chicken, marinated mushrooms, tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and pancetta.

You will just have to imagine the homemade brownie sundae I had for dessert. For my standards, it was actually pretty small. 🙂

Since no post is complete without a picture of Annabelle…


How was your Tuesday?
Anybody else racing this weekend?


  1. I have had that pumpkin Ravioli and it is yummy! My sister is running the Surfin Santa in VA Beach this weekend. Had I known the weather was going to be this nice, I would have agreed to run with her. Good luck with your half. I’m sure you’ll do great and what could be better than spending some time at the beach!

    • Thanks Meranda! The weather does seem to be on the mild side for Saturday…hopefully the rain will hold off! I hope your sister has a good race!

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