Just what I needed and aggressive flossing.

Today it was back to business as usual.  It was great having a snow day yesterday and I am not opposed to having a few more this winter.  🙂

Since I made a large batch of pancakes yesterday, I enjoyed pancakes for breakfast at work today.  It was a great start to the day.  No, I was not having shots for breakfast…that is syrup.


Lunchtime finally rolled around and I hit the treadmill for a 6 mile progression run.  I started between an 8:30 and 9:00 minute pace and slowly increased to a 7:20 pace.  This was my first run since the race on Saturday and since I ate my weight in m&ms yesterday, this run was just what I needed.  My workout ended with a 3:00 minute plank.  I sure hope these planks pay off come bathing suit season!  😉

I was in a hurry this morning, so lunch came from the freezer today.  Amy’s knows how to make a tasty microwave meal.  I know these aren’t necessarily healthy, but they are certainly not the worst thing I could be eating.


I left work early and headed to the dentist for a routine check-up.  I am proud to report that my dental hygiene received the seal of approval and I left the office with shiny teeth and very sore gums.  My dental hygienist is very nice but she is an aggressive flosser and it was sore to brush my teeth last night.

Something amazing happened when I got home…My mom and I did not go out to eat and I heated and assembled cooked dinner!  We enjoyed grilled cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches with chicken noodle soup.



I did eat dessert last night (duh), but it was for a good cause!  I purchased these treasures from a charity bake sale at work and I got all of this for $3.00. 🙂


Instagram:  lindarunning4two

No, I did not eat all of this at once.  I had the cheesecake brownie and one of the mini black bottom cupcakes topped with ice cream.  PS My ice cream is Edy’s Light Cookies and Cream that I mixed with Hershey’s syrup and Reddi Whip.  Yumm!


Did you cook dinner last night?  What did you have?

Do you floss everyday?  Once or twice?

Yes, once at night!



  1. I ended up having a yummy spinach salad last night. I do floss, but I admit, not everyday!

  2. My hubby made his super delish homemade BBQ chicken pizza for supper last night!

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