Another pajamas and snow day.

I’m starting to think we won’t see the grass again until Spring. It’s snowing for the third time this week and it doesn’t show signs of stopping…and I wish I had some corn for popping. LOL.

Chris was at work today, so me and Annabelle had a big girl’s day.

Breakfast: leftover chocolate chip pancakes (from my office party) topped with sliced banana and maple syrup and coffee!


Lunch: chicken salad with cranberries, walnuts, and apples on a potato roll with a side of pretzel crisps.

Nap: Annabelle fought sleep for a while, but now she has been passed out for over 2 hours. 🙂 This is how I found her when she woke up this morning.

Exciting Mail! The nice folks at Hanes sent me a bunch of running gear from Target’s Champion C9 line. I can’t wait to try it out once this snow stops!

Since it’s a winter wonderland outside, I may do a workout in the basement to get my sweat on. My workout will probably be followed by lots of chocolate. 🙂

Did you get snow today?

What was your workout today?


  1. It has snowed here three time this week as well. I am wondering if this is an indication of a crazy winter?! I love the snow and we went two years without anything sticking! I did get out there this week for short runs (3 miles) but other than that I enjoyed my snow day (woo hoo!), got our Christmas tree and watched holiday movies. The snow put me in the perfect holiday mood : )

    • I’m thinking we will have a bad winter this year. Sounds like you had the perfect day! Love snow around Christmas and watching Christmas movies is the best! Have a great Sunday!!!

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