Poor Molly.

Since it didn’t get higher than 25 degrees yesterday, I hit the treadmill once again. I ran 6.5 easy miles in 60 minutes. Thank goodness for for TV and this show. Anybody know what it is???

I also did some walking push-ups, tricep push-ups, and a 3 minute plank.

I was more than ready for lunch after my workout. My company was way better than the food. 🙂

Can you believe she will be 1 in less than a month???

We went to our happy place after lunch. Yup, Target. It was 3:30 and the place was packed. Annabelle got to test out one of her Christmas presents while we shopped.

While me and Annabelle went broke shopped, Chris took Molly to the vet. She broke one of her nails while playing in the ice/snow the other day and we wanted to get it checked out. The result…a week of medication and a cone. 😦

It is so sad, she will not move when she wears it. She just stands there looking all sad and hang dog.

Poor girl.

The night ended with Papa John’s pizza and a Ravens win!

How do you pass the time on the treadmill?

Do you have any pets?


  1. Poor Molly! We have a yellow Labrador and the same thing happened to her last summer except she broke her nail as she was jumping into the swimming pool! I often pass the time on the treadmill by reading some new blogs ( when I’m going slow, because I probably couldn’t read and run very fast at the same time). When I’m not going slow, I’ll just listen to music or watch TV.

  2. Aw poor Molly😔 I just think about stupid things on the treadmill…we have a boy cat named Marcus…love him to pieces!!

  3. Aww, get well soon Molly! Something similar happened to my family’s dog, Queenie, last winter – she somehow hurt her paw and it wouldn’t get better and she kept licking it – thus she was forced to wear “the cone of shame.”

    I also have been hitting the treadmill, unfortunately, the past few days – we’ve gotten quite a bit of snow and I need some new traction shoes to run in the slush/snow so I’ve been staying inside. sometimes the TV works, other times I download podcasts from comedians and listen to them. Laughing + running at the same time = better workout, right?

    • Thanks, Melissa! It’s so sad to see her hurt. 😦 Yes, running plus laughing makes for a killer workout! Listening to podcasts is a great idea!

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