Thursday (random) Things

Wednesday workout: 5.6 miles and a 3 minute plank

Thursday workout: 5.6 miles and a 3:30 minute plank

Fun holiday head gear!


A long winter’s nap. 🙂

Ever wonder what ladies carry around in our purses? I didn’t think so, but I’m telling you anyway. 😉


– gum
– tissues
– nail clippers
– cuticle cream
– hand cream
– Chapstick
– 2 kinds of lip gloss: Rimmel and Victoria’s Secret (I’m super into lip gloss right now).

Hand cream is so necessary because my hands are doing this from being so dry…

Note to self: need manicure this weekend

Finishing up my Christmas cards tonight!


Please tell me something happy and exciting about your day!!!


  1. Wow, we did a 3 1/2 minute plank! Yippee! WOW! That’s great! Have a great holiday! Looking forward to your blogs over the holidays! Great picture of you and Jeanette!

  2. I’m so jealous you’re finishing up your holiday cards there! Mine (also from Shutterfly) still haven’t arrived yet. They were supposed to come today. Fingers crossed they make it here tomorrow! (Does that count as exciting? If not, I ran 5.5 mi at my parents’ gym this morning because i am HOME for the holidays!)

  3. Love your purple running outfit. I have that exact lip gloss from VS in my purse too! I am not too happy with Shutterfly right now. I ordered cards on Tuesday Dec 10 and with premium shipping, they were promised to be here by Dec 18. My pictures arrived that date, but no cards! I have other friends that have said theirs were missing too and that Shutterfly was having productions issue. My cards needed to be reprinted and are now expected to arrive on Dec 23. Which does me no good! Wow, this was a long response, sorry!

    • Oh no!!! That’s really frustrating. I hope they refunded some of your money because of their mistakes! I feel pretty lucky that mine arrived on time and correct now that I heard your story. Have a great weekend Meranda!

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  4. Wow…that is one clean purse – if that’s all ya got in there!

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