A very Christmas Eve Eve.

After a weekend full of eating, I was more than ready for a run yesterday. I hit the treadmill at lunch and ran 8 miles in 63 minutes…slowest mile was 9 minutes and fastest mile was 6:58. 🙂

This is Gina…she is super sweet and running so fast that she is just a blur.

After our run, we finished our workout with some good old fashioned planking.
My evening was spent with Annabelle and my parents and we did all sorts of Christmasy stuff!

1. AB opened up her first Christmas present. Thanks for the pjs Miss Marissa and Sean!


2. We got Starbucks and rode around to see Christmas lights.


This house is awesome! They have their own radio station and the lights change to the music. 🙂


3. We baked destroyed a batch of cookies…

I tried to make these…

(From Heather)



…and they did not turn out very well. This is where the first batch ended up.


I kept the second batch (because I couldn’t make myself throw them away) but I’m not sure what I will do with them. They aren’t terrible but they are really dry. 😦 I def blame human error on this one.

Anybody want some freshly baked cookies???

The night ended with me frantically wrapping a few presents and getting to bed at 1 am. Staying awake at work today should be a challenge…

It’s Christmas Eve!!!! I’m so excited for Annabelle’s first Christmas!!

Anybody else ruin some cookies this year?

What does your family do tonight?

What is the best thing you will eat tomorrow???

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