Beating the holiday blues…and the holiday bulge.

I hope everyone had a great holiday with lots of family time and food! I LOVE the holiday season, so I always get bummed once Christmas is over.

How do I fight the “Christmas is over” blues? Don’t let go!

-I’m still listening to Christmas music and enjoying my decorations.


-I’m still hosting holiday gatherings. (More on this fun time later).

-I’m still eating leftovers from Christmas Eve…I guess I should let those go soon right? This was a bagel sandwich made with ham from Honeybaked Ham.


How do I fight the “holiday bulge”? Workouts!

-Insanity! On Thursday I needed a quick but effective workout. The solution was a Cardio Max workout from the Insanity DVDs.

-Running! Duh, right? I did 7.5 miles on Friday and 10.5 today. Today’s run was very chilly, but I got to try out my new running clothes from Athleta and my new North Face running gloves.



Anybody else get bummed when the most wonderful time of the year is over?

What was your workout today?


  1. Yep! I am bummed! Today I did hot yoga and about 20 minutes weight training….got on scale today…uh oh…time to trash the sweets…need to get back to basics…holidays are great though and I have really enjoyed time with my family. Have a great rest of the weekend!!!😀

  2. I was kind of sad when I woke up the day after Christmas and turned on the radio and there were no more Christmas songs on! Other than that I am ready to put away holiday decorations and look forward to the new year and to know Spring will be here soon (hopefully)!

  3. I am never sure how to feel when Christmas is over. On one hand, I am usually ready for less traffic/crowds but, I always miss the decorations and family time. Bummer.

  4. I definitely get bummed out when Christmas is over! I love all the holiday cheer and the excitement of the season. I try to plan fun events in January to look forward to so that I don’t get too sad! Also, how were those North Face gloves? I need new running gloves so bad!

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