Running Unplugged

Sometimes you just need to run unplugged. No music and no watch. I tend to want to run fast (or at least try to) every time I head out. This leads to overuse, burnout, and injury. I have big plans for 2014 and I need to stay healthy and injury free. In order to do that, I will need to train hard but also take the easy days easy and recover properly. Yesterday’s run was 5.6 miles and I have no idea how long it took. It felt easy and that’s just what I needed.
The rest of my Wednesday included:

– Looking at my parent’s high school yearbooks.

My dad in 1968!

Chris’ dad in 1968! (They went to the same high school but didn’t know each other.)

– Teaching Annabelle how to pole dance. 😉

– Eating fro yo and picking out stuff I wish I could afford.


My mom and AB had a dance party this morning. This picture makes me very happy.


Tell me something fun about your day!

Do you own anything from Athleta? Yes! I love everything I get from there. 🙂


  1. A lot of my miles are done unplugged and easy. I’ve always found that running easy is so much better and more beneficial for me. I’ve been on the high mileage, easy running route for quite some time now and I’ve continued to PR. I’m glad you have found that journey!

  2. I did my first miles unplugged back in December. I planned to run from my house to my parents house in the next town. To do this I had to run along a pretty busy road along the river. It’s not a highway but it is a pretty busy back road that people speed on. I see people run on it all the time but I have always been nervous about it. I decide I would run without music for that stretch of the run so I could be more aware. Turns out I ended up doing the entire run with out my music and I actually enjoyed it! My fun thing I did today was spending the day with my mom shopping! AB is so cute!

    • It is definitely safer to be able to hear things going on around you. I really don’t even run with music often because I usually run with other people. Shopping days are so fun! I hope you bought some good stuff!

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