“Fun” Things Friday

I’m not sure all of these things are fun, but they are things and it’s Friday. 🙂

1. Annabelle’s 1st birthday party is tomorrow! This was taken in the morning right after she got up. I brought her into my bed to hangout (don’t worry we were all fully awake) and she laid her head right next to mine on the pillow. Yes, I cropped my face out.

2. Just when I needed a good song to keep me awake during my 1 1/2 hour commute last night, Mariah Carey’s “Always be my baby” saved the day.

3. The salad bar at work is pretty good for cafeteria work food. They had roasted vegetables yesterday and they were delicious.

4. New favorite snack…a Zone Perfect Simple bar, oatmeal chocolate chip flavor, warmed up in the microwave. After about 20 seconds, this bar smelled and tasted like a warm chocolate chip cookie. 🙂

Instagram: lindarunning4two
5. New shoes! I didn’t have any brown flats and I was tired of wearing black ones and looking like a “What Not to Wear” candidate.


6. My dessert last night looked like Mickey Mouse. These are white chocolate covered Oreos and they are amazing.

7. I have a long run planned for today, but the weather is pretty icy/rainy. If it doesn’t happen today, it will happen Sunday.

8. I took Body Pump yesterday and I’m not as sore as I was after Tuesday’s class. I’m not sure if that means my body is adjusting or I just didn’t work hard enough. 😉

Does party planning stress you out?

What is your favorite “healthy” bar to eat?

What is your weather like today?


  1. We had a bit of snow this morning but surprisingly it was warm enough to run outside (although I hadn’t cus I was too tired). No rain or ice here (yet)! Have a great weekend with your baby! Happy Birthday Annabelle!

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