When life gives you ice and rain…

Cross-train! Since the weather conditions are less than ideal today, Jeanette, Gina, and I took an X Fit class. This is a great class that works the entire body and it is HARD!

Here is what we did today:

After class, I hopped on the treadmill to keep my friend Serge company. I ran 2 slow recovery miles. 🙂

I was starving once my workouts were over and this is what I brought for lunch today. Quick, easy, and tasty. The most healthy meal? Probably not, but I could do much worse!

I also had a French vanilla Chobani yogurt. I wish I had mixed in a cookie like I did last week.
While I was at work today, my parents were super helpful (as usual) and they did a lot of shopping for Annabelle’s party. Every baby girl should wear a tutu for her first birthday party right?

Tonight will be a very busy night. It will be full of decorating and baking…and probably a lot of eating. 🙂 I can’t wait to show you how everything looks tomorrow!

Have a great Friday night!

What are your Friday night plans?

What was your workout today?


  1. Today is a blessed rest day (haven’t had one in over 2 weeks…yikes). But my plans for the evening are hopefully checking out some live music — we’ll see 🙂

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