Tired legs, french toast, and leftovers.

Come Sunday morning, my legs were shot. From body pump on Thursday, x-fit class on Friday and prepping for and hosting Annabelle’s birthday party on Saturday, my legs were very sore and tired. What’s the best therapy for tired legs? Go out for a long run!

Jeanette and I met for an 8 am “race” on Sunday morning. Our local running club hosts weekly Sunday runs and they map out a course and time everyone, but it’s not a big organized race. They are a fun group of people and it’s great to run somewhere new each week.

This is everyone before the race started. It was cold and windy and you can see how happy I looked. πŸ™‚

The run was 6.5 miles through beautiful back country roads. The course was great until we got to a hill that went straight up…for about a quarter mile. I’m pretty sure I could have walked up it faster than I was running it. I managed to push through by using my friend Janae’s mantra, “I can do hard things.” I finished in 50:05, first place female! Jeanette finished a little bit later and was second place female. πŸ™‚ Even though our legs were fatigued from the hilly course, we headed back out and ran it again. We took it slow this time, and ran between 8:30 to 9:00 miles. 13 miles before 10 am = awesome.

What’s even more awesome than a 13 mile run? A 13 mile run followed by French toast and bacon!

When AB finally napped, we all napped. I needed a nap in a bad way and she did too. Poor thing had a bad cold and a fever :-(. The rest of the night was spent eating leftovers (cream cheese chicken chili) and fro yo while watching the movie Argo. πŸ™‚



How do you make it through really tough runs or workouts?

Did you see Argo? Did you like it?


  1. I grunt through workouts that are tough….today was tough and I loved the intensity….nope didn’t see Argo…way to go on that tough race…what doesn’t kill us will make us stronger!!

  2. When runs get hard, I think of my longest hardest run I have done and remind myself that I got through that so I can get through this! Congrats on doing all those hills (twice)!
    Hope AB is feeling better. And i’ve never seen Argo.

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