Burning legs and a trip to The Fresh Market.

Yesterday’s workout was a semi-fast 6.3 miles. Our overall pace was around 7:48, but my legs told me that we were running at a 7 minute pace. I think my legs are still a little fatigued from this past weekend and they were on FIRE walking up stairs yesterday afternoon. I’m hoping they are a-ok for tomorrow’s long run!
Me and Annabelle had a slumber party at my parent’s house last night, so I stopped at The Fresh Market to pick up dinner. We ended up having rotisserie chicken salad on whole wheat ciabatta bread, fruit, and chip ins.



Last but certainly not least… 🙂 These are super good. And yes, I have dessert every night.

And for some random thoughts…

I love my new chevron shirt from Jane.com.

This is Annabelle’s “flash” face. She was smiling all cute and then she sees the flash, and this happens.


Have you ever been to The Fresh Market?

Favorite grocery store?


  1. My legs are trash too Linda! I felt that run yesterday! I didn’t even race over the weekend…good grief..there is so much work ahead for me that’s for sure! I have never shopped at Fresh Market, but it sure looks good and healthy! We shop Giant most of the time…on occasion we do Wegman’s although we spend too much money each and every time. Have a great weekend!

  2. I’ve never heard of Chipins, are they kind of like pop chips or better??

    • Hey there! They are not as light and airy as pop chips…the popcorn is more dense. I also think chip ins are higher in calories, but they are tasty. 🙂 The white cheddar flavor is the best. Thanks for reading!

  3. I have never been to the Fresh Market. Those gelato squares look yummy!

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