The best gym selfie.

Even though I had off work today, my day started bright and early at 6:30. Annabelle has not been sleeping well because of her cold, so that means none of us are sleeping well. I feel like a zombie.

The best way to fight sleepiness, an egg and cheese bagel sandwich and a coffee.

Since I ran 10 miles yesterday, I made today a cross-training day and headed to the gym.

Today’s Workout
– 30 minutes on the elliptical
– 15 minutes on the bike
– 2000 meters on the rowing machine
– 1:00 minute side plank (1 per side)
– 3:00 minute plank

I’ve decided my best selfies block out my face. 🙂 I’m not sure what I was taking a picture of, but my hair looks really dirty dark and I LOVE that headband. You can get it here!

The rest of the night included dinner with my parents and hanging with Burrito (Annabelle’s nickname).

Oh yea, I’m almost forgot about this. 🙂

Here’s hoping for a snow day tomorrow! I could really use some extra sleep.

Are you expecting snow tomorrow?

What’s your favorite running accessory?


  1. Ugg, so sorry you had to get up early on a day off! I hope you can catch up on some sleep soon! The radio said we might get some snow ( I expect a few flurries) but nothing major!

  2. Looks like you had a pretty productive workout regardless. Sorry you had to wake up early but way to get it done!

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