Ice cream and icicles.

Yesterday was the normal work, run, eat, and watch the clock until it’s time to go home kind of day. 🙂


8 miles total (2 warmup, 4 tempo, 2 cool down). I finished up my workout with a 3 minute plank.


Leftover crockpot special! This was green, red, and orange peppers, carrots, onions, chicken, Israeli cous cous, and BBQ sauce. I topped it with some guacamole and it was amazing.


Dinner: I got home from work around 6:30 and Annabelle was already in bed. 😦 I didn’t feel like making anything complicated, so I made a spinach and cheese omelette and two pieces of raisin bread.

The main event: ice cream! My mom and I enjoyed two very large bowls of the good stuff. 🙂

We are having quite the winter this year and we woke up to more crap beautiful ice this morning. This is what an iced over screen looks like.

Everything was covered by a thick sheet of ice. The sidewalks and street were like an ice rink and my car was completely encased in ice. I decided to wait it out and head into work later in the day. That meant family time with Chris and Annabelle!

I made pancakes for breakfast and I topped mine with Jif chocolate peanut butter spread, a banana, and some syrup. They were quite dry and needed these toppings. Chris fed his to Molly. :-/

Since I wasn’t going to be at work for my lunch hour, I fit in a quick workout in my basement. I love at home workouts because they are quick and effective and you don’t need any equipment. Today, I did one of Julie’s workouts and it was a good one.

I actually repeated the workout 4 times and added some tricep dips at the end. 🙂


Do you workout at home or always at the gym?

Are you good at making pancakes? I guess not. 😦


  1. I have always been someone that worksout at the gym via a class…but the past 3 months I’ve been doing more workouts at home…in part due to scheduling

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