A long run followed by two breakfasts.

I woke up bright and early at 5:30 yesterday morning. Yes I could have slept in as long as I wanted to (AB was having a sleepover with my parents.), but it was long run time! The only thing that really got me out of bed was that Jeanette was waiting for me. We headed out at 7 and planned to run for about 2 hours. We ended with about 14.5 miles and I was very happy when it was over and I got feeling back in my fingers. 🙂

After our run, we said hi to Jeanette’s miniature horses and goats.  🙂




Jeanette’s husband Todd was nice enough to make us a hot breakfast. We had toast with homemade hot pepper jelly, eggs (FRESH eggs from their chickens!), tomatoes, and feta cheese. This was seriously one of the best meals I’ve had in a while.

Jeanette’s daughter makes the jelly and I was so happy to go home with two jars, hot pepper and strawberry.

I called Chris on the way home and he mentioned wanting to get food and I couldn’t turn down a second breakfast. Since I already had toast and eggs, I went with blueberry pancakes!
I wore my Pro Compression socks for the run (and hours afterwards) and you could definitely tell they were “compressing.” Look at those indentations!


I hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

Did you run this weekend?  Long or short?

Eggs and toast or pancakes/waffles?

Have you ever seen a miniature horse?


  1. I ran short compared to you…and eggs and toast all the way! Yes, I have seen a miniature horse…you know we went to that miniature horse farm in PA….and wow Jeanette has a farm! Now THAT is awesome! I’m hurting all over…this storm is coming…

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