Egg fail, a tempo run, and heaven in a cup.

Chris wasn’t feeling well when he woke up yesterday. I made us breakfast to try and make him feel better, but it didn’t help much. We had eggs and toast…I broke the yolks when trying to make over easy eggs. I’m such a failure.

Annabelle and I decided to let Chris relax and sleep, so we went down to my parent’s house for the night. My dad was nice enough to watch AB while my mom and I hit the gym. She ellipticalled her heart out and I struggled through a tempo run.

Warmup for 2 miles at an 8:30 pace
5 miles at a 7:30 pace
Cool down for 1 mile at an 8:30 pace
Total: 8 miles

This was a hard workout…no doubt about it.

We showered and then headed out for dinner. I had a big salad and Annabelle had crayons. 🙂


Note to self…I should let my hair down before taking pictures.

After dinner, I had a big decision to make. TCBY or Cold Stone!?!?!? And the winner is…

(Oreo overload made with coffee ice cream=amazing)

I enjoyed every bite of this while watching the Olympics and The Following. 🙂

Are you watching the Olympics? Favorite event? I love snow boarding and figure skating.

Do you watch The Following? Yes, but not alone!


  1. Why you puttin all my business in the street?

  2. Great run, and that ice cream looks so good.

  3. Your food pics always look so yummy! Hey, I wanted to ask you about the Yellow low density foam rollers that we got. Do you use yours much? I just started using mine about a month ago ( I already had another roller I was using) and I noticed that the yellow one isn’t quite round and it doesn’t roll easily. Is yours like that? Is it suppose to be like that? Just wondering.

  4. Nice tempo pace! My son is a year and I’m still getting back at it and feel SLOW!

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