Weird weather and speed work on the mill.

My day started with a 2 hour and 15 minute commute. It’s a good thing I love my Subaru.

I was starving by the time I got to work and I was in need of coffee in a bad way. This flavor Clif Bar is amazing.

It was snowing on my drive into work, but it got really crazy around 10:30 am.

This was the view at 11:00 am. Crazy weather, but at least the sun is shining!

Since running outside hasn’t been the easiest with the snow covered sidewalks and streets, I decided to do my track workout on the (tread)mill today.

2 mile warmup at a 9:13 pace

3 miles at 6:53 pace with a 1 minute rest interval in between each mile

1.5 mile cool down at an 8:30 pace

6.5 miles total

I wore my new Pro Compression socks…yes, you can never have too many pairs of these.

I was very pleased at how “easy” this pace felt. When I say “easy” it just means that I wasn’t out of breath and I felt somewhat comfortable. 🙂

Recovery food = leftover pasta and chicken meatballs. It was even better than last night but it still photographs terribly.

Annabelle went from riding her zebra…

…to taking 8 unassisted steps today! I can’t wait to see her in action later!

Leftovers? Love them or hate them?

Favorite Clif Bar flavor?


  1. I hope you weren’t driving when you took that picture. Love, Mom

  2. I like all your pictures! Traffic is the worst… I love my car and I love driving, but anything over an hour starts to bug me.

  3. And here I am complaining about weather in the 40s!

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