Going old school.

I tried something new for breakfast today and it was pretty darn tasty. I bought these on a whim at Giant, but they ended up being very good.

I topped them with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter and it made for a satisfying breakfast. I also had a soy chai from Starbucks…this always helps to make the morning better. 🙂

My usual workout on Thursday is a body pump class, but the instructor was out and another trainer substituted. The guy that filled in is super nice and has A LOT of energy. He tends to teach the class as he goes along and we ended up doing 5 minutes of squats! Even though the class was a bit unorganized, I did feel it was a good workout. My tempo run tomorrow morning should feel great after all of those squats…

Lunch was raw veggies from my work cafeteria topped with chicken salad from a local farmers market. It was so delicious! If you have never put red grapes in you chicken salad, please try it!

My afternoon was really dragging along, so I decided to go old school and write with a paper and PENCIL instead of typing. It was so therapeutic. I’m going to do this more often!

I think snack time is rolling around…it’s such a big decision!

And the winner is…

If you could pick one thing out of my snack pile, what would it be?

When is the last time you used a pencil?


  1. Last time I used a pencil, today! I always use pencils at work because I’m in accounting. ALOT of erasing going on!

  2. I’d definitely go with the Clif white chocolate macadamia, love that flavor. I write (with pen or pencil) occasionally, in work meetings where I have to take notes, but it’s never more than a few sentences.. I really can’t remember when I wrote an actual page without typing.

  3. Are those Sweet Potato Pancakes? If so, where did you find them? I would definitely pick a Clif bar from your box of goodies! I am definitely a paper and pen/pencil person. I like writing things out by hand.

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