Yesterday was Fat Tuesday and if you live in Pennsylvania that means one thing…Fastnachts!

Yes, my mom, dad, and I polished off 6 of these babies but we ate a healthy dinner first!

Random stuff from yesterday:

I took a Les Mills Body Step class. This class is a very intense step class. It doesn’t have as much choreography as traditional step classes, but wow, is it a good workout. My calves and quads are so sore today!

I totaled up my February miles and I’m pretty happy with this number.

These are my key workouts for this week of marathon training. (Doing the tempo run today!)

I downloaded the soundtrack to Frozen yesterday afternoon and I love it.

This is how I bring a sandwich to work. I HATE a smushed sandwich!

I was having a bad day and this conversation with my mom made me laugh. Love her. 🙂

Annabelle with her favorite thing in the world. 🙂 She is getting way too big way too fast!


Did you eat anything fun/special/chocolately yesterday?

Are you training for a race right now? Which one?

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