How to battle “RUNGRY”

One of my friends is new to running and training for his first half marathon! Yesterday he messaged me with the following question: “I always get so hungry the day after a run. How do I stop that?” The answer: you can’t! Your body is doing something new and it wants and needs more fuel to keep going. I know I am soooo hungry the day after my long runs and I eat constantly!

The best way to tackle “rungry” is to have lots of healthy snack options available at all times. 🙂

Snacks: When “rungry” hits!

A bar and a banana.

Greek yogurt and granola (chocolate chips optimal) 🙂

Cucumbers, apples, and guacamole.

Whole wheat toast with almond butter and sliced banana.


Kashi bars.

Fruit! Apples, strawberries, clementines, peaches, plums…whatever is in season!

What is your favorite go-to snack?


  1. Lisa P. says:

    Weight Watcher’s Celebration Cake bars! They are the BEST snacks!

  2. I don’t notice my hunger pattern changing on longer runs but i’m gonna start keeping track once I get out and start running again! Do you dip your apple slices in the guacamole? I love guacamole but should probably eat it with healthier things than tostitos….lol

  3. I loved your title ‘Rungry!’ I run to eat, but also for weight maintenance. It always amazes me that I actually GAIN weight when training for halfs and fulls b/c I use it as an excuse to eat more! This year, my goal is to lose or at least maintain through the training! Loved all your healthy snacks 🙂

  4. Great ideas, I usually go for homemade granola bars, a store bought energy bar, or a shake with fruit in it. Because I work out in the morning, those are the easiest snacks for me to grab between my work out and going to work.

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