I felt like jello and paninis for the win.

Yesterday’s tempo run was…weird. I can’t really explain it, but my body felt like jello and I was almost lightheaded and felt really hungry. I’m not sure why I felt like that because I had a Clif Bar not too long before heading out.

I finally started feeling better about half way through and we ended up with a pretty decent tempo run.

And guess what??? The sun was shining and it was close to 40 degrees!

I really hope I don’t get this feeling during tomorrow’s track workout…
Lunch was leftovers: grilled BBQ chix, sweet potatoes, and broccoli.

This was good and all, but the highlight of the afternoon was my snack. I had strawberry greek yogurt with cinnamon granola and white chocolate chips. It really hit the spot. πŸ™‚

Annabelle has been staying up a little later this week and I got home before she went to bed. I was soooo happy. Girlfriend is walking up a storm and should be non-stop pretty soon. I’m trying to get a video but she drops to her knees and crawls every time!

Dinner last night was quick and healthy and it really hit the spot. I made panini sandwiches with cucumbers, apples, pretzel chips, and guacamole on the side. My sandwich contained turkey, ham, cheese, spinach, and guacamole. The panini maker (I have a Giada De’laurentis one) makes the sandwich warm and gooey inside and it really enhances the flavor. πŸ™‚


The night ended with Property Brothers and some ice cream…shocker, I know.

Do you have a panini maker?

Have you ever felt that way while working out?


  1. Your sandwich looks yummy! I have made those before with my George foreman grill..lol. I do have a sandwich maker too. I wouldn’t mind getting a Panini maker but I am finding I already have too many small appliances and not a lot of storage space!

  2. Nice run!
    I usually run in the morning, after breakfast, so I’m not hungry. Maybe you didn’t eat enough the day before, or didn’t drink enough?
    I do have a good panini maker, I don’t use it often and when I do is to make one for the kids, but my husband loves it.

  3. That panini looks amazing. I think the weather is supposed to be reasonable this weekend and next week. :O Good running weather ahead!

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