Healthy Eats = Fast Feet

Many things go into being a high performing athlete (“high performance” will be different for everybody), but eating a well-balanced diet is high on the list. I am a pretty healthy eater (excluding dessert) and I really notice that my body feels different when my diet lacks proper nutrients.

I’m on an overnight oats kick right now…

1/2 cup of oatmeal
1 cup of almond milk
Top with cinnamon
Store in the fridge overnight.

Before eating, add granola, nuts, fruit, etc. Enjoy!

For lunch, I’ve been having veggies and grilled chicken drizzled with some honey Dijon dressing.

My dinner last night was so good…ok, it looks gross so I’ll delete the picture, but it was super tasty. It was white long grain rice topped with black bean and vegetable soup topped with guacamole. πŸ™‚

Let’s just pretend I don’t end every night like this.

Today’s track workout felt pretty good and I know that my healthy oatmeal breakfast helped my legs move faster. πŸ™‚


I cut the RI (rest intervals) short and finished in about an hour. For each 400 (quarter of a mile) I ran at an 8.9 (6:44 per mile) speed on the treadmill. My 2 warm up miles were at an 8:35 pace and my cool down mile was at an 8:00 pace.

It feels good to have the tempo and speed runs done for the week and now just easy runs and the long run are left. 18 miles scheduled for Saturday morning!
What is you favorite healthy breakfast?

Random Question: broccoli or cauliflower?


  1. I love cinnamon in oatmeal. Perfect way to start the day. –Greg from Meals N Reels

  2. I put cinnamon in my coffee as I brew it. Mmmm… my favorite breakfast is eggs with sauteed veggies (sometimes I have 2 pieces of bacon) and a piece (or 2 if I’m hungry) of ezekial bread with peanut butter and chia seeds. Mmmmm….
    I enjoy cauliflower completely in every sense… broccoli and I feud if it is raw, but I love me some cooked broccoli!

  3. Eating healthy definitely helps performance. Nothing worse than an unhealthy heavy dinner to have a bad run the next morning.

  4. My favorite breakfast is eggs on a bagel! Yummy! I like to follow it with some kind of fruit…like cantelope when it’s in season…and I would go with broccoli anyday! I agree healthy eating goes along with high performance…when I don’t eat right I just don’t feel good…are we really what we eat…ugh…did I say that? LOL! :o)

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