Marathon Training Mondays: #MTM

Hey guys!  So, I unofficially started training for a marathon at the end of January.  When I started, I wasn’t quite sure what race I was training for, but I knew I wanted to run a Spring marathon and I wanted to try and qualify for Boston.  After researching our options, my friend Jeanette and I decided on the Delaware Marathon Running Festival on May 11, 2014!

How did we choose this race?

  1. The Course!  Flat and fast and beautiful scenery.
  2. Location!  Easily within driving distance to cut down on logistics and cost.
  3. Size!  It’s a pretty small race…easier packet pick-up, race morning logistics, getting in the right start position, more room to spread out on the course
  4. Date!  It’s the day after our 5th wedding anniversary and it’s on Mother’s Day…sounds like a great day for a marathon PR and a Boston BQ, right?


From here until race day, Monday’s post will be “Marathon Training Mondays:  #MTM” and I will recap my training from the previous week.  Here we go!


7.0 miles – 2 warm-up miles, 3 tempo miles (7:11, 7;11, 7:07), 2 cool down miles


Strength Training – Body Pump class


6.0 miles – Track workout on the treadmill:  2 mile warm-up, 6 x 400m in 1:37 (repeated 2 times) with a 1 mile cool down.  (P.S. 400m = 1/4 mile)


Strength Training – Body Pump class and 10 minutes on the stationary bike


7.25 miles – 3 mile warm-up followed by 10 x 1 minute pick-ups with 2 minute “rest” in between. My pick-ups were at a 7 minute per mile pace and the “rest” times were at an 8 minute per mile pace.


19 miles at an 8:19 pace – great weather (in the 40s!), challenging, rolling hills.  Great run.  🙂


If you are training for a race right now, tell me how it’s going so far!

If you have any questions about my training, please let me know!


  1. That’s great Linda! I was going to ask you which race you’ve been training for. I have been semi training for a race in April but because of my injury it hasn’t been going very well so I might be deferring. We shall see!

  2. Sounds great, and small races are the best.

  3. Linda, I totally agree that small races are the best ones! :o) My next race is Sole of the City 10K on April 12th. The training is going okay. I think when the weather breaks things will be MUCH better. Spring is on the way…actually it starts in 2 days! :o)

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