Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend.  My weekend was great, but it went by way too fast as usual.

My alarm went off before the crack of dawn on Saturday morning…5:30 am!  Even though it was super early for a Saturday morning, it’s always easier to get up when I know I have a long run with a good friend coming up.  I met Jeanette at 7 am and we headed out for our scheduled 18 miler.  Since we weren’t quite back to our starting point when we hit 18, we kept going and finished with a little over 19 miles for the day.  🙂


What makes a great 19 mile run on a beautiful Saturday morning even better?  Chocolate chip waffles in farm shapes and fresh eggs and fruit.  Thank you Todd!


On Sunday, we actually slept in because Annabelle didn’t get up until 8 am!  Wow, was that needed.  Thanks AB.  Once we got moving, we went to a late breakfast and then went grocery shopping.  I always get in a grumpy mood on Sundays because I finally look around the house and see everything that should get done.  (FYI I don’t do much of anything but eat on Saturdays because you shouldn’t have to do housework on long run days right?)  I always feel better once I cross a few things off of the to-do list, so here is what I got accomplished once I got Annabelle down for a nap.

  • washed our sheets
  • a few loads of laundry
  • organized our shoe/coat closet (I’m too embarrassed to show a before pic.)



  • Food prepped for the week – I made sweet potatoes, broccoli, and chicken and split into portions to take to work for lunch.



The rest of the night was spent chasing around AB (who is walking like a champ and NEVER stops moving!) and eating pizza and ice cream.  I tried a new flavor and since the base flavor was strawberry, it counts as a serving of fruit.  🙂



Favorite pizza flavor?

Best part of your weekend?


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