I have some advice for you.

Do not attempt a track workout when it’s 30 degrees and VERY WINDY. We wanted to get the workout in and yesterday worked for us…so this meant we had to brave the elements.

The workout:
10-20 min warmup
3 x (2 x 1200 in 5:02)
10-20 min cool down

Our times:
Our 1200m (3/4 mile) times were…


Even though we were supposed to run each 1200m in 5:02, I think we did pretty well in he conditions. BTW, I wanted to quit this workout so bad. I hope this isn’t becoming a trend. :-/

My motivation to finish the workout…office birthday celebration.

I decided to give my legs some extra recovery and I left my compression socks on for the afternoon. I am so stylish.

I left work early and headed to get my hair cut. I didn’t get much length taken off but she cleaned up my layers and it looks soooo much better. 🙂

Before heading home, I stopped at Pei Wei to pick up dinner.

I ordered the steamed vegetables and tofu with brown rice and teriyaki sauce for me and my mom and it was delicious.
Maybe next year right? 😦

This made everything better…




Did you enter the NYCM lottery?

Please tell me something happy about your day! My day has been not so great.


  1. Sorry 😦

  2. Sorry about NY.. man they are tough!
    Thats a great workout, your times were pretty close to the goal anyway.

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