Fun Things Friday!

1. It’s Friday and I’m heading to the beach this weekend. 🙂

2. I ran with a big group or work friends on Wednesday and my knee actually felt pretty good. Sooo happy about this.

(My beloved Pure Flow 2s)

3. I made a few pretty tasty dinners this week!

Rosemary and olive oil flatbread pizzas (with veggie pepperoni) and steamed zucchini

Over easy egg, waffle fries, and chicken with spinach, zucchini, and cheese

4. My dad does not drink much water…like close to none. I ordered convinced him to start drinking a big glass of water each night and he has started doing it on his own. 🙂

(He is wearing one of Chris’ hats and we were laughing at how funny he looks in it.)

5. Molly made herself very comfortable in bed last night. ❤ She uses Chris' pillow like a human!


Tell me something fun about your Friday!

Do you have a dog? Is he or she a bed hog?
Yes and yes. 🙂


  1. I used to have 2 dogs, and yes they were bed hogs!!! But we let them, so we were to blame.

  2. Pureflow’s are the best!

  3. dawn @ running the dawn says:

    my friday was terrible. i felt sick, but took enough drugs to survive work 🙂

    no dogs here…although i wish i did….

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