Getting back on track and she is fearless.

I ate ALOT during marathon training. I was also running ALOT. Now that my workouts are scaled back and I’m not running nearly as much (but having fun doing other things), I really need to get my nutrition back on track. Operation “do not eat ice cream every single night” begins now. 🙂
Yesterday, I worked from home (which is glorious) and headed to the gym during my lunch break.

My workout:

20 minutes elliptical: I varied my speed and intensity throughout and moved between levels 10 and 15. I picked up the pace at the end and did 30 seconds fast alternated with 30 seconds slow.

Circuit workout courtesy of Julie:

I changed a few things and did squats and shoulder work in place of the lunges (my knee doesn’t like lunges right now), but I loved this workout as it was quick and got the job done.

I finished off the afternoon with lunch and more work.

Omlette (2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites, kale, and cheese) with a side of strawberries

Once my workday was complete, my Dad, Annabelle, and I headed to the trail for a walk and some playground time. She is fearless on those slides (very scary for mommy!!!).

It was a great end to the day and she was so ready for bed once the sun went down. 🙂

Random pic that I LOVE.


What is your favorite way to cross train?

Do you have a nightly summertime tradition? A walk, going to the playground, eating ice cream?!?!


  1. Thanks for posting the links to all those circuit workouts on Peanut Butter Finger’s site – I’ve found some really great workouts there!

  2. Yeah – a plus of training is all the desserts that come with it. 😉 Any plans to run another marathon in the future?

  3. dawn @ running the dawn says:

    cross training…i’ve always love jazzercise (done it longer than i’ve been running) and just recently started enjoying yoga more regularly.

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