When life gives you lemons…

…Eat lots of ice cream. So, I had a hot fudge sundae 2 out of the last 3 nights. I’ll try harder tomorrow… I did enjoy my “healthy” angel food cake dessert last night.

My mom visited this past weekend and we had a lot of fun…grilling, walking on the trail, and playing with baby girl.



I miss her a whole lot right now.
I haven’t been running too much lately (my silly left knee is still being a jerk), but I did get in 7 decent miles on Sunday.

I have been keeping up with strength training and cross-training cardio in the mean time. Here is an awkwardly horrible post 30 minute elliptical plus 20 minute stair master workout selfie.

I ended with a 1 minute plank, 1 minute side plank on each side, and another 1 minute plank.
In other news, I went to the dentist today and my gums are disappearing and the roots of my teeth are starting to show. Awesome.


True or false? You would rather go to the dentist than be at work.

We are having a thunderstorm right now. Did your parents ever tell you that thunder was the angels bowling in heaven?


  1. I kind of enjoy going to the dentist..haha. I think your teeth look awesome!

    For some reason I thought your mom lived near by. I’m sorry you miss her.

    • Lol, thanks Meranda! I kind of like it too. She did live nearby until about a month ago, so it’s tough not having her here. She lives very close to the happiest place on earth now. 🙂

  2. dawn @ running the dawn says:

    i hate the dentist. hate it.
    love that tank that you are wearing! so cute!

  3. Great shot of the waiting room! 🙂

  4. I actually don’t mind the dentist too much…and anything is better than work 😉

    My parents did tell me the thunder was the angels bowling in heaven. I’ll probably use that line on my future children too.

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