Random Pictures/Nonsense

Since my normal work, run, eat dinner, and go to bed thing isn’t all that exciting day in and day out, here is a bunch of random thoughts/pictures from the past few days.

My post-race meal from Saturday…sweet tea and a chicken and veggie wrap. My stomach did not feel well and the sweet tea helped to settle it some.


Father’s Day Cards for my Dad and Chris 🙂



I got a Misto shake from Rita’s last night.  I wasn’t really in the mood for it, so I didn’t finish it…it is very unlike me to not finish a dessert.



Annabelle got to sit in a real fire truck last night!  She wasn’t quite sure how to feel about it.



Great picture of my friend Lisa during the Baltimore 10 Miler.


Here is a not so great picture of me and Jeanette’s butts running to the finish line.  LOL.


Nothing better than a good lunch time sweat session.  (From my Instagram:  lindarunning4two)


One of the best snacks ever…graham crackers and peanut butter.


Running in 90 plus degree heat makes for a hard run…


Tell me something random about your day, weekend, life!

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