Pajamas…all day.

Yup, I stayed in my pjs all day today. Did I have a leisurely day of sitting on the couch and watching reality TV? Sadly, no. I was super productive and it feels good to get some much needed housework done.

The morning started with blueberry and banana pancakes followed by multiple loads of laundry, some clutter reorganization, and Annabelle’s first ponytail! She even waited a few minutes before she took it out. Girlfriend does not like anything in her hair. 😦

Lunch was a winner…spinach topped with strawberries, grapes, cucumbers, avocado, and a veggie burger (Dr. Praeger’s).

During Annabelle’s nap, I organized the laundry room and cleaned 2 out of our 3 bathrooms. Chris took a nap too, but he rallied and worked in the garden before AB woke up. 🙂

Dinner rolled around and I made marinated chicken, Mac and cheese, and roasted carrots/asparagus/onions. Annabelle worked on using a fork during dinner and actually used the fork to put some macaroni in her mouth. Unfortunately, she would take it right back out and didn’t eat much of it. Chris and I didn’t let it go to waste.

I finally showered and put on clean pjs after dinner and Annabelle worked on her reading and her photography skills. She took the picture of her plane and asked that I include it in my post. 🙂


Today was a “rest” day, so I am ready for a good ole sweaty speed workout tomorrow!

Do you ever spend the entire day in pjs (not including when you are sick)?

Favorite salad dressing?

What was your workout today???

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