I’m a marathon runner…Annabelle is a marathon cryer.

Hey guys! Thanks for all of your comments and encouragement on my last post. 🙂 Here’s how the first two days have gone…

Day 1

– We took away the bottle and only gave her milk in a sippy cup. (She’s been drinking water out of a sippy cup for a long time, but was hooked on the milk/bottle combo).

Back in her glory days.

– She asked for her “bobble” pretty often, but I showed her that her cup was way cooler and she would forget about it for a while…until the next time she asked for it.

– She ate more dinner because she wasn’t so full on milk.

– She went to bed at her normal time without too much difficulty.

– She woke up at 10 and continued to cry for a very, very long time. We went in a few times to console her, but she got upset every time we put her back in her crib. She finally gave up and went to sleep at 1:30 am and slept until 9. She woke up very happy and did not seem to hate us for it. 🙂

Day 2

– Happy baby!

– She was well behaved at breakfast and she ate a bunch of pancakes.

– She still asked for her bottle, but she started asking for her cup by the end of the day.

– She cried when I put her to bed, but she only cried for 10 minutes. Hallelujah! Fingers crossed that she sleeps all night!

I must say, I’m very surprised at how well she is doing. Her behavior was even better today…maybe because she got a good night of sleep in her crib all night (after lots of crying :-()and ate more food instead of milk? I don’t know, but it was awesome. My only concern is that she isn’t drinking very much milk now. How much should she be drinking?
What else did we do today?

– went out to breakfast
– went to Target
– my friends Matt and Kirstyn and their adorable baby came over this afternoon…we ate and watched the Ravens game (sigh) and then this happened. She has been my dessert soul sister since 2004.


Today was a rest/eat too much day, so I can’t wait for a long run tomorrow!

What is on your agenda for tomorrow?

Best part about your day today?

PS The wordpress app changed and I can’t figure out the bold and italic settings. Therefore, please forgive the don’t randomness going on.


  1. I went through the same “is he getting enough milk” thing with Jake and we have him yogurt and he loved it! That is a great source of calcium too! Trust me, AB will get the nutrition she needs! The terrible 2s are a challenge that’s for sure. I remember in Jake’s toddler days he was a biter and I always got reports from daycare about it. Sheesh…fast forward to now…he is 9 and that comes with a new set of challenges because I can’t pick him up anymore😡😂😃soooo enjoy the ride!!! It just keeps getting….different😜. I’m sorry the Ravens lost too..enjoy the rest of the weekend. That dessert looked delicious by the way!

  2. Aw! I just found your blog. Your little girl is adorable. I’m 39 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. So looking forward to what this year will bring!

  3. Woo hoo! Ue guys r chugging along Great! My daughter goes back and forth with waking shortly after sleeping and crying too! It can be soooo stressful but ull get through it! Hahah o boy I’m in the eat too much this whole weekend boat! Blah! Can’t wait to get back to working out Monday and eating healthy 😉

    • Yay! We are trying to stay consistent and it seems to be working. I hope your little angel sleeps well tonight and have a great week! I feel like i start the whole healthy eating thing every Monday!

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