Sunday Slump

Well, I just could not get myself together today. We woke up pretty early and I made breakfast (pancakes with apples on the side).

I had grand plans to do laundry and go for a long run, but due to zero motivation and an icy, rainy, foggy day, I (ok, all 3 of us) stayed in our pjs all day long. Annabelle played her heart out all day…lots of new toys from her birthday. 😄



Girlfriend loves chips…just like her daddy.

After eating Chipotle for dinner, I finally got a shower and got back into (clean) pajamas. I’m not proud of this, but this also happened.

PS there is cake under that ice cream.

So basically, I have been in a funk all day and I know that a good workout would have been the best way to get out of it. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day! And the birthday cake is finally gone and I won’t be eating it everyday anymore.

I hope you had a good Sunday!


  1. I’m quite envious of your dessert! There wasn’t much to my Sunday either. I should have taken advantage of the decent weather and gone for a hike, but instead watched about a million episodes of Friends and ate my weight in chocolate. Today will be better 🙂

  2. I definitely have those days – we all need them sometimes. Sounds like a pretty good day – here’s to a productive week instead!

  3. Haha i have a lot of those Sunday’s—-probably deep down its cuZ I’m dreading a long week ahead :-/ but then again we get to start fresh Monday! Hope u had a good one and got in a great workout!

    Um I’m so jealous of the dessert! I might have to bake some sugar cookies or something! Although i can’t today but I found a Luna bar that’s chocolate cupcake flavor 😮 let’s hope it lives up to my expectations!

    • Im with you…the Sunday blues are for real. I had a great workout today! I hope you had a good start to your week! Wow, chocolate cupcake luna bar?!?!? I need to find that!

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