If it was easy, everyone would do it. 

Running is tough.  Running is tough for everybody.  My tough might be pushing a 7 minute mile and your tough might be pushing a 5 minute mile or a 9 minute mile. No matter what your pace or your running ability, running is HARD and it takes a lot of work to improve and reach goals. 

Yesterday I ran during lunch with my friend Lisa and it was great. She did 10 miles (good job Lisa!) and I ended with 7.5 miles. These miles felt sooo good….they were slow (for me) and I just ran, kept it relaxed, and enjoyed every second. 

Today was a whole different story. Jeanette and I wanted to make good use of a mild , sunny day, so we headed to the track for some speed work.  Speed work = brutal. Our workout looked like this…

Warmup run from work to the track

2 x 1200m (3/4 mile)

3 x 800m (1/2 mile)

2 x 400m (1/4 mile)

Cool down run from the track back to work

Total mileage = 5.1

Jeanette smoked me today and I finished each set about 15 seconds behind her (except for the 400s). 😉 I was gasping for air at the end of each set and could not get my breathing down. My legs felt ok, but my breathing felt off. I left our exact finish times at work, but I do know that we did similar workouts this time last year and they don’t compare to today’s times.  As in, we were definitely faster last year. 

So, the moral of the story is that running is tough, running performance comes and goes, but every day that you get to run is a good day…no matter what.  We all have good days and bad days and you just have to hope that the good days outweigh the bad. 

Please send me and Jeanette some good running mojo on March 21st. We will be tackling some challenging trails for the HAT 50k (31 miles). Yes, runners are cray. 

Completely off topic but this post needs a picture. 😊

PSA from Annabelle…keep up with your oral hygiene. 

Did you have a good running day or a bad running day?

Love or hate speed work?

Do you brush twice a day?


  1. Wow, Kudos to your friend for getting in 10 miles on a lunch break. She must be super speedy. And good luck to you on your 50K! I think that’s crazy but I know you’ll do great!

  2. way to go on that speed work! Intervals are my least favorite – but I’ve never tried them on a track, just treadmills. Not sure if there’s a track near me!

    HAd a GOOD running day for the first time in a while – ran outside and ALMOST felt better than I have been. Still slow and tired (Was sick this week) but being outside made it better!

    And yes – definitely brush 2x a day! In high school I would brush at least 2x just in school but thankfully I’ve kicked that habit 🙂

    • I’ve done speed work on a track and the treadmill and they are both hard! I hope you are feeling even better today and will be 100% soon! Proper oral hygiene is very important…and you were an overachiever in high school!

  3. Go Annabelle with the good dental hygiene!

    Omyword I wish I lived near u! That’d be awesome to have someone to run with! I think I’d need a partner in crime if I ever committed to a 30 miler but what an amazing accomplishment that’ll be! Love love live it! U guys keep up the good work!

    I had an mile run today…I was up most of the nite with a coughing baby so I felt like I was dying but pushed thru 😉

    Speed work frightens me haha I psych myself outcuz I have to do it on the treadmill and when the speed gets to a 9 I start thinking “better slow down before u face plant!” I gotta break that barrier :-p

    Brush twice —yes yes yes!

    Hope u have a great weekend! I’ll think of u as I refuel with pizza and ice cream after a tough week haha 😀

    • I wish we lived close together too! Any run is a good run, so I’m glad you were able to get out there. I hope your kiddo feels better soon and sleeps better tonight. I often worry about face planting too! I LOVE that you are eating pizza and ice cream! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  4. *love

  5. Ten miles on a lunch break…holy moly. I agree and I think that can be taken to any sport or life moment…if it were easy most people would be doing it!

    I always tell myself that any run I start and finish uninjured is a good run to me.

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