An awesome running, family, food weekend.

On Friday evening, my mom, dad, Annabelle, and I headed to Ocean City, MD for the weekend.  The reason for the trip…the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon!

Friday night’s events:

Carbo loading 🙂


A very long and rainy commute.  We stopped at Wawa for a potty break/diaper change and a caffeine fill-up.  Wawa does not have a baby changing table and we had to change Annabelle in the back seat of my car.  Not happy…  We finally arrived in Ocean City after 11 pm.  It was midnight by the time I got to sleep and that 5 am wake up call came pretty fast.

Saturday’s events:

The Race!!!  The race started at 7 am, so I got up bright and early and drove to the start to meet my friend Jeanette.


6 am selfie (lindarunning4two on Instagram)

Thankfully, the rain stopped before the race started and we only had to deal with some chilly air and some wind.  Jeanette I ran the first few miles together (mile one was right under 9 minutes and mile 2 was around 8) before I pulled away for the rest of the race.

I settled into a challenging but comfortable pace and just kept going.  I had no idea how fast I was running because I forgot to charge my Garmin (#runnerfail) and I didn’t bring my phone because of the rain.  From feel, I felt like I was running at a sub 8 pace and I just wanted to hold on as long as possible.  For the first time ever, I made it to the 10 mile mark and didn’t feel too fatigued.  I was definitely tired, but I realized that I may actually do this (get a PR).  Once I hit the 12 mile mark, I picked up the pace through the finish line.  The race clock read 1:40:18 but I knew my chip time would be faster.  I was sooo happy, I definitely had a PR since my previous best time was 1:46:57!

Official Results!

1:39:21!  5th out of 117 in the 30-34 age group.


My friend Jeanette also did great!  She finished in 1:43:35 and this was her first race back after a very long injury.  Big congrats to Lisa, Everett, and Bruce who also had great races!!!

Breakfast!  French toast, eggs, turkey sausage, and coffee!




Outlet Shopping!



Dinner!  Blackened salmon and a baked potato.


North Side Park Winterfest of Lights!  Poor Annabelle fell asleep on the 5 minute car ride from the restaurant to the park and she was less than thrilled to be out in the cold.





Since the weather forecast for Sunday was pretty snowy and icy, we headed home late Saturday night.  We got to my parent’s house around midnight and I have never wanted to get in bed so much in my life…not even after being up for 36 hours during Ragnar.

Sunday’s events:

Cinnamon rolls at my parent’s house


A very snowy, long, and scary ride home


Pizza and football!


Playtime with Annabelle 🙂


Smith Island Chocolate Cake!


It was such a great weekend.  I have to give a big thank you to my parents for coming with me and supporting me in all that I do.  Also, thank you to my aunt and uncle for letting us stay at the beach house.  🙂

PR City!

I had a fun and busy weekend and I can’t wait to tell you all about it later on today. The major highlight of the weekend was the half marathon where I got a new PR, 1:39:21!!!!!

I’ll have a full recap up later today. 🙂
And the winner of the Starbucks gift card is…..


Please email me at to claim your prize!

I love Subway and my foam roller.

Yesterday in bullet points…exciting I know. 😉

• 5.6 mile run (easy 8:35 pace) and a 3:30 minute plank.

• This Zone Bar was amazing. I don’t know if I was just really hungry, but I kept saying to myself, “this is so good!”


• Lunch: Goat cheese frittata with sweet potato and mango hash.


• Dinner: Subway (turkey, spinach, tomato, cucumber, salt and pepper, light mayo) and pretzel chips. Subway is great. I buy a footlong and eat half for dinner and save half for lunch the next day. After working 9 hours and spending about 3 hours in the car each day, it’s great to have an easy and healthy choice for dinner.


• Late night fun: Annabelle was wide awake until about 10:15 last night, but we enjoyed some cuddle time once she got sleepy. We also watched most of the Sound of Music. Anybody else watch it?


• Pain in the butt! Literally. After my run, I was feeling some pain in my right cheek and it was pretty uncomfortable. Right before a race, really!?!?!? I foam rolled and it feels pretty good today. Fingers crossed it feels good tomorrow.

• Friday morning selfie.


I hope this workday flies by! We are heading to the beach tonight and getting pizza…my favorite meal to eat the night before a race. 🙂

Have a great Friday!
What are your weekend plans?

Anybody racing??

Race week!

My next race, the Rehoboth Half Marathon, is this Saturday! I’m really excited to spend a weekend at the beach with my family, minus Chris :-(, and hopefully get a PR. I’m shooting for under 1:45. I’m nervous already.

Now that race week is here, I need to be smart about my workouts so I’m ready to rock on Saturday. Here are my workout plans for this week:

Stair climber, rowing machine, plank

6.3 mile run at 7:52 pace with negative splits. 2:45 plank.

Spin class!

Easy 5 mile run

Rest and carbo load with pizza!

Race day!!!
Today’s Eats!

I didn’t really eat dinner last night (unless you count fro yo as dinner), so I woke up starving. The solution…cinnamon raisin swirl bagel with maple almond butter.

I also had a banana before I did my lunchtime run.

Pumpkin ravioli in a butter sage sauce. Yum!

Yogurt covered raisins.

Salad with grilled chicken, marinated mushrooms, tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and pancetta.

You will just have to imagine the homemade brownie sundae I had for dessert. For my standards, it was actually pretty small. 🙂

Since no post is complete without a picture of Annabelle…


How was your Tuesday?
Anybody else racing this weekend?

Runner’s World Half Marathon Recap

The half marathon (the third race of the hat trick) started at 8 am on Sunday morning. I woke up at 5:45, got some hotel lobby coffee, and boarded the 6:15 shuttle to the Steel Stacks.

Once we got there, we had plenty of time to hang out and eat breakfast. I had a chocolate power bar about an hour before the race started.

Me and my roomie Toni before the race 🙂

At around 7:30, we headed to the start line which was about a mile up the road. We really didn’t give ourselves enough time to check our bags and get back to the start line (partially our fault for waiting so long, but the bag check was beyond the start line and we had to back track). There was also a bag drop at the finish line, so runners could choose the one that best fit their needs. FYI the bags dropped at the start line were taken down to the finish line during the race.

The race started promptly at 8 am. I started off in the 8:00 min pace group with my friend Lisa…and my BFF Summer Sanders. Once we crossed the start line, I never saw Summer again. New running goal=be as fast as Summer Sanders.

I had originally wanted to run under 1:46, but after trashing my legs on the 5k and 10k, I decided to just see what I could do. I felt great at the beginning and the first couple of miles were at a sub 8 pace. The crowds were great, the runners were enthusiastic, and the volunteers were wonderful.

The half marathon course was similar to the 5k and 10k in parts, but we definitely got to see more of the beautiful city of Bethlehem during the half.


My friend Lisa pulled ahead of me around mile 6-7 and I trucked along for the rest of the race. I was just happy to be running and happy to be there, so finishing was all that really mattered.

At mile 12, the 8:25 pace group came up behind me and I decided I would stick with them for the last mile. I finished in 1:49:48 with an average pace of 8:22. All things considered, I’m pretty happy with that. 🙂 Half marathon PR…I’m coming to get you in December.

Lisa finished her first half marathon in 1:47:01 with an average pace of 8:09. Way to go Lisa!

After the race we took lots of pics because it was almost time for us all to part ways. 😦

Heather, Susan, Jocelyn, Me, and Monica

Thanks for the photo Kristin

My new BFFs Janae and Sarah 🙂

I cannot believe how awesome this weekend was! A big thank you to Runner’s World for giving me this awesome opportunity. I got to meet a group of fun bloggers and runners and I can’t wait to continue these new friendships!

Happy Running! Oh yes I almost forgot to tell you…


RW Day 3: Awesome food and feeling inspired.

On Saturday evening, we had a pasta dinner with the RW editors. After running 2 races that morning, we were all famished and ready to eat.

When I saw the dessert table, I had to go over and get a picture. Such a beautiful sight.


Yup, I had one of each. The stuff in the cup was tiramisu and it was sooo good. The cupcakes were pretty good too…I can’t say no to chocolate.
For the main course there was salad, veggies, two types of pasta, pesto, marinara sauce, Alfredo sauce, beef meatballs, turkey meatballs, and bread.

Just about everything is piled onto this plate and I really wish this was going to be my dinner tonight.

After dinner we headed to a presentation by Dave McGillivray who is the race director of the Boston Marathon. His presentation was called “Defining Moments” and it was incredible.

He spoke about defining moments in his life and told stories of his running adventures and people he has met along the way. He is such an incredible speaker and his story is truly inspirational. He had all of us girls laughing one moment and then in tears the next.

After the presentation, he signed copies of his book “The Last Pick” and took pictures with everybody. They sold out of books before I could buy one, but we still got to say hello to him and take a picture. I’ll be buying this book ASAP.

Tina, Theodora, Dave, Me, and Janae

After running two races, eating great food, and getting inspired, I was ready to head to bed and get ready for the third race of the hat trick…half marathon time. 🙂

Off to Bethlehem, PA! #rwhalf

The Runner’s World Half and Festival is finally here! I can’t wait to meet and hang out with a group of amazing bloggers…and Bart Yasso and Summer Sanders!!! I just wish my tiniest fan could come along for the fun.

Fact: rolling clothing allows you to pack more :-).

Hat Trick Goals!
5k under 22:00
10k under 47:00
Half Marathon under 1:46

Dream big right???

Anybody else racing this weekend?

DC Ragnar Relay: Part 2!

After our first leg, we headed to the next major exchange point to get some rest… This exchange point was a creamery/farm in the middle of nowhere.

You all know how much I like ice cream and I really wanted to get some from here, but I had a 9.2 very hard course ahead of me and I didn’t know how well it would sit.

Van #2 waiting for Van #1 to finish up their second leg. Have I mentioned how awesome our entire team was? 12 very strong and determined runners!

We chugged along and rocked our second legs…in the pitch black and in the middle of the night. My course was through a state park on a narrow trail…home of coyotes and mountain lions!!! My team was very supportive and stuck with me for the really scary parts. 🙂

We met up with Van #1 at the next exchange point and we waited for Tim to finish his 10 mile run. Once Tim finished, Clare started Van #1’s third and final leg. This exchange had a photo booth so Liz and I took some sweaty, smelly, exhausted pics.

I think we all finally got about an hour and a half of sleep. It definitely felt good to shut my eyes and just relax. However, when Iwonka mentioned pancakes and coffee, Tim and I were up and ready for some food. Food never tasted so good.

Van #1 completed their third and final leg and they were ready to relax and wait for Van #2 at the finish line. The last 6 legs had to be shortened to 3 legs due to the government shutdown, so we ran in pairs. It was really fun to run with a teammate on the final stretch.

Iwonka and Phil

Liz and Ryan


Me and Tim with the rest of the team crossing the finish line!

So proud of the Young Guns! We finished 66th out of 315 teams!

This team knows how to celebrate…noodle beer bong!

Ragnar shirt, medal, and bib

I can honestly say that this was such an awesome experience and it was the most fun I have ever had running. I am very fortunate to have made a bunch of new friends and I look forward to hitting the pavement with them again soon. 🙂

Me and Rachel last weekend!

And me and Rachel sometime in the 80s 🙂


If you love to run and you are up for an adventure, you must try a Ragnar Relay!

DC Ragnar Relay: Part 1

Where to begin…this experience was far better than I could have ever imagined.  I was not originally scheduled to run this relay, but due to a last minute injury, I was given the opportunity to join the Young Guns and I had soooo much fun.

The race took place on Friday, October 4th and Saturday, October 5th.  I packed on Thursday night and it was pretty simple…lots of running clothing, running shoes, face wipes, and deodorant.  I packed each outfit in a large Ziploc bag so that I could change out of one sweaty outfit, put it in the bag, and put on the fresh clothing.


I woke up at 3:30 am on Friday morning and headed to Rockville to meet the rest of the team.  Van #1 hit the road at 4 am because they had a 7 am start time, but I was in Van #2 and we didn’t leave until around 8 am.

We met Van #1 at the first major exchange which was Exchange #6.  Here’s how it works:  Van #1 holds runners 1-6 and they each take a turn running a leg.  Runner 1 starts running and the van drives to where they finish and then Runner 2 takes over.  When runner 6 is finished, Van #2 starts and runners 7-12 take a turn.  Exchange #6 was fun because we got to see the members of Van #1 and hear about how their first legs were.

Young Guns!


Van #2!


Umm Tim, where is your team shirt???

Van #1 finished strong and then it was Van #2’s turn!

Runner 7:  Phil

Runner 8:  Iwonka

Runner 9:  Ryan

Runner 10:  Liz

Runner 11:  Me.  My first leg was 9.2 miles long :).

Photo: Linda rollin out for her first go!

Runner 12:  Tim

Both vans met up at Exchange #12 and waited for Tim to finish.


Once Tim finished we ate a delicious cafeteria meal, relaxed, and drove to the next major exchange point to try and get some rest.



More to come…we did all of this two more times!

Have you ever run a Ragnar Relay?

Lots of Running Stuff!

I’ve been having some pretty good runs lately! 

Friday’s run was 8 semi-hilly miles with an average pace of 7:45.


We drove to the beach on Friday night, so Saturday’s run was an easy 6 miles overlooking the bay.  Annabelle came along and she was thrilled.  🙂


Since Sunday was a rest day, I was more than ready for yesterday’s run.  We did 6 miles total and finished with an average pace of 7:23.  My fastest avg pace yet!


Today’s run will probably be an easy couple of miles on the trail…I have more time on my hands since I am out of work due to the goverment shutdown. :-/


EXCITING RUNNING NEWS!  I AM RUNNING A RAGNAR RELAY THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!  One of the team members had to drop out due to injury, so I got this awesome last-minute opportunity.  My good friend Rachel is on the team and I can’t wait to see her. 🙂

I have some pretty intense legs (9.6 miles, 9.2 miles, and 3.8 miles), but I am super excited! 

Are you training for a race right now?

Have you ever run a relay?