Happy Thanksgiving and my mom’s first 5k!!!

Hi everyone! I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate :-)) with family and friends and I hope you ate lots of great good! We had a super fun time over here with my family.

We had a mini snow storm on Wednesday, so I decided to stay home from work and use my extra time to prep for Thanksgiving. This was my first year actually cooking, so it was nice to get a head start.

I made sweet potato casserole, a chocolate mousse trifle, cookie bars, and dressing. It was so nice to have all of this done prior to Thursday.



A white Thanksgiving Eve.

My parents flew in on Wednesday evening and I was SO HAPPY to see them. By the time we got home and got Annabelle settled down, it was after 1 am and we were exhausted.

We didn’t let sleep deprivation and freezing temps keep us from the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. My mom and I woke up and headed down the road to run a chilly 5k. The original plan was for me to run it and then back track to find my mom (who would be walking) once I finished. Well, she sure surprised me! I finished in about 24 minutes and headed back out to find her. It didn’t take long before I found her. She had decided to run instead of walk and she was already in her third mile! Since she had planned on walking, she was wearing a big winter hat and a long down coat AND carrying our packets! Even with all of that weighing her down, she ran her first 5k and finished in about 41 minutes. I am beyond proud. 🙂


After a stop for Starbucks and donuts, we headed home to shower and get the turkey in the oven. The day was made extra special because my Aunt Janice and Uncle Gren came over for a visit and it was sooo nice to see them. 🙂

We finally ate around 5 pm and it turned out very well for my first attempt at cooking. The menu included:

-Turkey and gravy
-Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows
-Mashed potatoes
-Cranberry Sauce



After letting our dinner settle, we dug into dessert (my favorite part of most meals)!

-Pumpkin Pie
-Chocolate Mousse Trifle (French vanilla cake layered with a cool whip and pudding mixture and topped with crushed Oreos…and repeat)
-Cookie bars

I made enough food for an army, so I’ve been eating leftovers everyday. I think I’ve had enough now.

I’m sad that I didn’t take a full family photo, but I did get a few good ones.

AB just couldn’t hang. 🙂 (Don’t worry, she was not really drinking beer or wine)

Grandses, Annabelle, and Me ❤


It was a great day and I’m now looking forward to a whole lot of Christmas fun.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  I hope you are having a fantastic day!

Today was awesome in so many ways.

1.  It was Annabelle’s First Thanksgiving!


2.  Turkey Trot:  I won the 30-39 age group with a time of 22:08.  Not a PR but I’ll take a 1st place any day.  🙂


3.  Great food!



Clockwise from the left:  chocolate chip cookie, lemon cake, brownie, strawberry angel food cake and whipped cream mixture.  I’ll be honest with you all (and myself)…an hour later I also had strawberry jello mold and one more brownie.  I also ate a bowl of ice cream before writing this post…  I have a problem.  😉


4.  Lots of family time!

Chris, Uncle Roger, and Laura rocking it at the kid’s table.  Chris fit right in because he holds his silverware like a 5 year old.  Love you babe!



My dad loves Reddi Whip and he decided that Annabelle would love it too.  He was right.


Molly and I will be spending the rest of the evening on the couch watching the Ravens game.  Go Ravens!!

What was the best thing you ate today?

It was all so good.  🙂

Are  you shopping tonight or tomorrow?

No.  I am heading to work very early tomorrow and I will probably fall asleep by 10.  Let me know if you find any great deals!

Day 3: Two Races, One Morning

We got up bright and early on Saturday morning and boarded the shuttle at 6:15 am.  We headed over to the start line and hung out inside until it was time to brave the cold.



My roomie Toni, Katy, Heather, and Theodora

The first race, the 5k, started right at 8 am.  The energy was awesome and everything (packet pick-up, bag check, starting area) was very well organized.  I really wanted to PR, so I took off as fast as I could and I just tried to hold on as long as possible.  I struggled through it and ended up with a 5k PR of 21:24.  That’s a 6:53 pace!

We hung out indoors between races and you can check out our compression socks and our goose bumps below.


The 10k was next with a start time of 9:30.  Since I trashed my legs during the 5k, I didn’t have real high expectations for this race.  I started running with Sarah and Heather and we took it easy for the first mile or so.  Sarah eventually pulled ahead and Heather and I stuck together for the entire way.  She was an awesome pace buddy and I’m glad she was there to keep me going.

10k time 47:33 with an average pace of 7:39.


Heather (photo credit), Sarah, Kristin, Me, Janae, and Jocelyn

With two races finished, there was only one more to go.  The final race of the Hat Trick was the half marathon on Sunday.  I’ll talk about our fun Saturday night festivities and the last race soon.  🙂


Did you race this past weekend?

Have you ever done back to back races?

Boordy 5k Recap!

Let me just start with the most exciting part…I placed 3rd in the 30-39 age group! PS this is a huge deal to me because I never place :-).

Chip Time: 22:05
Gun Time: 22:07
Pace: 7:07
Overall: 37 out of 657

The race began at 6 pm, so we headed to Boordy Vineyards around 4:45. They had volunteers to show people where to park and there seemed to be more than enough room for the 800 registered runners ( race registration was capped at 800).

At about ten til 6, they let everyone line up at the start line. I was brave and got right up front…I knew that I didn’t want to have to weave in and out of people. The race started right on time at 6 pm and we were off running. Here is a view of runners crossing the starting line. Looking good Michele, Matt, Kim, Alison, Andrea, Katie, and Brittany!

Photo from Charm City Run

The course started on a field, then made a sharp right turn onto some gravel, then back to grass, and finally onto the road. Since my Garmin never started, I’m not sure how long we ran on the grass/gravel but I’m guessing about a half a mile? Anyways, it was an out and back course with about the first and last half a miles spent on the field and the middle portion was on the road with some rolling hills.

It was tough from the very start. By the time I hit the road, I was struggling for air and I was convinced I would have to slow down or stop. I put mind over matter and gave myself a pep talk and kept running as fast as I could. I crossed mile 1 at 7:05 and mile 2 at 14:15. This picture was taken between miles 2 and 3 and I just couldn’t even pretend to be happy at this point.

Photo from Charm City Run

Thank goodness the finish line came when it did. I was spent. I can honestly say that I went as fast I could in the moment…the 2nd place woman in my age group passed me in the last .2! I crossed the finish line in 22:07 gun time and 22:05 chip time. PS this was way better than I thought I could do :-).

Ice cold bottles of water were provided at the finish line along with an assortment of cheese, bread, crackers, grapes, and sodas. I took some food but couldn’t think about eating until about an hour or so later. Chris did have this waiting for me when I was done and I enjoyed a glass a little later on. BTW, we were given a Boordy wine glass as part of the entry fee. 🙂

I was super excited for the awards because I thought that I had a chance at placing. It was really fun to hear my name called and to see that my hard work is paying off. The rest of the evening was spent drinking wine, listening to the band, and hanging with other friends who ran the race and Chris, my mom, and Annabelle who came to support me.

(Me, Kim, Andrea, and Michele)



It was a really fun race and Charm City Run did a great job!
The night concluded with something that I had gone way too long without.


My weekend in pictures!

Friday night dinner…the salad doesn’t look all that great, but it has spinach, grapes, walnuts, garbanzo beans, and Gorgonzola with a Zinfandel vinaigrette dressing and it is delicious.



Ice cream and baseball.

AB close up 🙂

First run in the jogging stroller! She slept the whole time 🙂


Post run breakfast…egg whites and cheese on a cheddar herb bagel.

Pool time with Matt and Kirstyn…and frozen margaritas.

Matt spent the day working=no fun.

Happy 39th Anniversary to my parents! Best parents in the world!

I took them to Bluestone for dinner.


AB loving to eat her new shoes. PS I love Target.

5k PR yesterday evening and 3rd place in my age group! Recap coming soon!

I hope you had a great weekend!

Runner’s World Half and Festival!!!

I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am for this race. If you are looking for an awesome Fall race, this is it!

The Runner’s World Half & Festival is hosting several races over two days on October 19th and 20th. The race is in Bethlehem, PA and runners can choose to run the 5K and/or 10K on Saturday, October 19th or the half marathon on Sunday, October 20th. If you are feeling really motivated, you can run all 3 races for the Hat Trick! In addition to the races, the weekend is full of other activities such as fun for the kids, speakers (including Dave McGillivray, director of the Boston Marathon!), seminars, and a pasta dinner with the editors of Runner’s World.

Runner’s World is sponsoring an awesome group of bloggers for the race (including me!!!!!) and I am super excited to spend a weekend with some amazing runners! I am running the hat trick and I would love to see you guys there! If you wan to join in on the fun, head over to the registration page and sign up!

If you are interested in running the half marathon or the Hat Trick, you can get 10% off the cost of registration by using the codes below:

– 10% off the half: Running4twoRWHalf

– 10% off the Hat Trick: Running4twoRWHat

I hope to see you there!