Baltimore 10 Miler 2014: Race Recap

This past Saturday, I ran the Baltimore 10 Miler. I went into the race with no expectations, but I of course wanted to do well and give it my all. I drastically cut my mileage to recover and let my knee heal, so I wasn’t quite sure how running 10 challenging miles would go.
The race was scheduled to start at 7:30 am, but it ended up starting about 15 minutes late. The reason they gave was “due to the traffic in the surrounding area”…people were running late I suppose.

Start line selfies!




Barefoot runner…

We lined up with the 1:20 pace group and started off at an easy pace. We settled into a nice, sub-8 minute pace for the first few miles. Right before we reached the half way point (slightly under 39 minutes), we passed the 1:20 pace group.

Our goal was to try and keep pace for the second half, but the second half is HILLY. It was definitely challenging and I thought I was going to have to walk during a hill at mile 8. The last two miles were brutal for me and I gave everything I had to keep up with Jeanette. I finished right next to Jeanette in 1:18:14.

I am very happy with my time. My knee felt great the whole time (3 Advil did the trick :-)) and I beat my time from last year (1:22 ish).

The after party is always a great time. Running, free beer, and good friends. Such a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

And the best way to spend a Saturday evening…


Race weekend, a great snack, and bath time.

I’m running the Baltimore 10 Miler this Saturday and to be honest, I’m a little nervous.  I haven’t done a lot of running since my marathon back in May and my knee is still being bothersome.  The course is a bit challenging (read hilly!) and the weather has turned hot and humid…I have not adapted to the humidity yet this year.  However, the race was a blast last year and I’m running with a bunch of friends and I am just going to hope for the best.  🙂


I decided it would be a great idea to take a new class during my lunch break today.  What class did I take?  Kick It.  This class was a high intensity kick-boxing class and I left nice and sweaty.  I have a feeling I’m going to wake up pretty sore tomorrow…

Once I got back to my desk, I couldn’t wait to eat my lunch.  I had leftover grilled chicken (cooked on a charcoal grill=so good) and pasta salad (from a box=so good).  I also chopped up the Mini Babybel cheese and mixed it in.


A few hours later, I was starving and reached for this Kashi bar.  For someone with a ginormous sweet tooth, this really hits the spot.  Best of all, it’s healthy and tastes great!


After a long day at work and a long commute home, I didn’t have much energy to cook dinner.  The solution…Eat Fresh!  Yup, Subway for the win.  Just in case you were wondering, I had turkey and ham on wheat with spinach, tomatoes, and onions.


Annabelle didn’t really seem like she needed a bath tonight, but when her normal bath time rolled around she kept pointing to the stairs and crying.  I finally understood what she wanted and she started giggling as soon as we reached the stairs.  I think the real reason she likes to take a bath is so that she can run around nude afterwards.  😉


She definitely keeps us on our toes, but I love her to the moon and back.


Charcoal or gas grill?

What does your perfect running weather look like?

How do you get a toddler to properly brush her teeth?



Happy 5 months Annabelle!

I can’t believe she is already 5 months old! We are very fortunate to have a happy and healthy baby girl.


She had a great day because she finally got to meet this bird we are always talking about. BTW, Chris didn’t even smile this big on our wedding day. LOL.


In honor of AB’s 5 month birthday…

I got up before 5 and went to the 6 am Bikram class.


I took a body pump class during lunch and I did 500 squats.

I microwaved my Amy’s lunch for 5 minutes.


I made a 5 ingredient omelette for dinner…zucchini, squash, mushrooms, spinach, and cheese. Having half of an avocado with my omelette was the best decision of my day.


I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and I added milk chocolate chips AND white chocolate chips. I will eat 5 of them tonight. JK, I won’t. 🙂



On Saturday, I will double 5 miles while running the Baltimore 10 Miler.


Are you racing this weekend?

Cookies/pastries or ice cream?

Happy National Running Day!

Just in case you haven’t heard, it’s National Running Day! If you have ever thought about wanting to run a Rock n Roll race, today is a great day to sign up. For today only, you get a $20 discount on race entry fees. Also, head on over to the Rock n Roll website and enter to win a prize package. 🙂


Since I couldn’t run today (still letting things settle from my half on Saturday), I celebrated by registering for two races.
1. Baltimore 10 Miler on June 15th

2. Boordy Vineyards 5k Trail Run on August 25th. What’s better than a run, wine, and spending time with friends!

I hope you get a race on your calendar soon!