Workouts, eats, and sweets.

And another weekend has come and gone… I wish I could say that I did something really fun or exciting this weekend, but I only really left the house to go to the gym and I didn’t wear anything but sweats and pjs. Anyway…here’s a recap of my workouts, eats, and sweets.



10 mile treadmill run – Miles 1-4 at an 8:35 pace, miles 5-10 alternating between 7:35 and 8:35.




I didn’t have a lot of time, so I did a 27 minute Fitness Blender cardio workout (I can’t remember which one it was now).


6 mile treadmill run at an 8:35 pace

15 minutes stair climber on fat burner level 14 (this was not fun)

15 minutes elliptical on random setting level 13 (hard effort using more arms than legs)


Friday morning pancakes…blueberries inside and strawberries outside.



Fun fact: Annabelle LOVES blueberries and she will eat an entire container in one sitting if you let her.

Working from home = pjs and Starbucks (Chris is nice enough to always go get me one :))


Chicken salad with almonds on a pretzel roll…bbq chips on the side.


Annabelle’s dinner: chicken, strawberries, and cucumbers



Well, after lunch on Friday lots of candy happened. I probably ate about 8-10 Hershey’s Hugs and one Resse’s Peanut Butter Heart. I think this may have attibuted to my tummy troubles during and after my 10 mile run that evening.

And it wouldn’t be a weekend in my life without some of the good stuff…this bowl was filled with two kinds of Ben and Jerry’s (Milk and Cookies and Half Baked).


Random Weekend Pics

We finally got a decent sized snow storm. It started around 10 am on Saturday and didn’t stop until sometime during the night.


The weather was beautiful on Sunday…sunny and close to 40 degrees. 40 degrees compared to sub zero temperatures = summer time. Everyone was out and about without coats on. I even got my chai latte iced to celebrate the day. Don’t worry, we are back to winter tomorrow with a low of 1 degree. Awesome.


My love 🙂


What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

Best workout?

Are you watching the Oscars tonight?

Girl’s night and I ran today!!

Since Annabelle infected my parents and they couldn’t babysit (they caught the stomach bug yesterday), I left work early and Annabelle and I had a nice little girl’s night. What did we do?

– napped on the couch from 4:30 – 6:00 🙂
– ate dinner (eggo waffles and a laughing cow garlic and cheese omelette)

-took a much needed bath…the second of the day

-played in the kitchen


Once AB went to sleep, I spent some time with my old friends Ben and Jerry.

Today, I went on a lunchtime run! This was my first run since Sunday. Much needed and it felt great. I went out with 3 friends and we did 5.6 miles at an 8:08 pace. Afterwards, I did some abs and push-ups and a 2:30 minute plank.

An hour later, Jay needed a pick me up on his break (he was in a training class), so we planked for 2 minutes. 🙂 If you are feeling tired at work, drop and do a plank. It really helps! PS He stopped by later on and we did another 2 minutes too!


What are you eating for dinner tonight? What should we have? I might be feeling some pizza :-).
Weekend plans???

A new Sunday evening tradition.

Yesterday afternoon was the perfect weather for a run. I headed out and did 6 easy miles and was instantly happier when I was finished.


Sunday night dinner has now become Pizza and ice cream. We just got a Papa Johns in our town so this is exciting stuff.


Annabelle decided on the ever popular insoles for dinner.

We watched Homeland and got a great night of sleep…AB has been sleeping through the night recently and it is awesome sauce.
After eating so much crap delicious food last night, I woke up ready for today’s run. I headed out at lunch with my running group and we did 6.3 miles at a 7:54 pace. My friend Jeanette is coming off an injury and she asked me to push her for a few miles. We sped up and did a few 7:30 miles and she did awesome. She was sidelined for over 6 months! 😦

Rocking my Pure Flow 2s, Pro Compression socks, and running skirt.

I’m not feeling too hot tonight…I got my flu shot this afternoon (I sometimes get flu-like symptoms from it) and my knee is giving me trouble.

She makes me feel better.


Do you get a flu shot?