18 miles, baking, chili, and yoga.

The weekend started with a chilly 18 miles on Saturday morning. They were slow easy miles but I felt great the whole time.

The rest of the day was spent eating breakfast and hanging with this little one. She actually took a nap in her crib and this NEVER happens anymore.

I spent Saturday evening with my friends Amber and Justin and their two kiddos. We had a great Shepard’s Pie for dinner and the kids ran around like crazy for a few hours. 🙂

When I got home, I decided to eat a whole bag of popcorn.

On Sunday morning, I made pancakes, eggs, and sweet potatoes. Yum!

A little while later, I decided to make Tina’s pancake cookies. I used regular pancake mix, French vanilla creamer, almond butter, and peanut butter filled chocolate chips. These are really good…even Chris likes them.

I’m not sure what made me want to go, but I went to a late afternoon Bikram yoga class. This was my first class in over a year. It felt AMAZING and I was able to jump right back into proper form, but man is my flexibility gone…and I am sore today. But I can’t wait to go back for more. 🙂

The best way to refuel after 90 minutes of intense yoga = crockpot turkey chili with pumpkin cornbread.

This chili is super easy!

Crockpot Turkey Chili

1. Cook ground turkey and season with salt and pepper and transfer to crockpot.
2. Chop one onion, one green pepper, one red pepper, and one orange pepper and add to crockpot.
3. Add one can of black beans and one can of white kidney beans to crockpot.
4. Add one packet of chili seasoning.
5. Add enough vegetable stock to cover the veggies, beans, and turkey.
6. Stir and cook on high for 4:30 hours.
7. When there is 10 minutes left of cooking time, add a 1/2 cup of cous cous and stir and recover.
8. Serve with cheese, sour cream, and cornbread. 🙂

A Sunday night is not complete without watching Homeland and The Affair with lots of ice cream.


Did you see Homeland last night? OMG, so good!

Favorite crockpot recipe?

When is the last time you took a yoga class?

Running in the Heat

After a great 4 hours and 45 minutes of sleep last night, I woke up bright and early and headed to Bikram. I don’t know if it’s because of the temps outside, but the room was HOT today. The teacher usually opens the door to let in some air, but no such luck this morning.


I decided to brave the heat once again and went out for a run during my lunch. I enjoyed struggled through 3.8 sweaty miles with an average 7:55 pace.

Mile 1 – 7:57
Mile 2 – 8:07 (hilly)
Mile 3 – 7:47
Mile .8 – I have no clue.


Even though I can’t say it’s easy, I am pretty excited that I have been running a consistent 8 min pace (or below) lately. I need to put another race on the calendar…

Check out this article from active.com. It has great tips for surviving runs and races in the summer heat. Some of my favorite tips:

1. Acclimate – ease into running in hot temps and let your body get used to it

2. Run early – if possible, run early in the day so you miss the midday an afternoon sun and heat

3. Run a circle or out and back route – stash water, Gatorade, gels, etc. and you will can replenish when needed

Are you a hot weather or cold weather running person?

Any tips for running in hot weather?

Runner’s High and Avoiding Injury

Happy Thursday! This post brought to you by AB who woke up at 4 this morning. It was very thoughtful of her to wake me up with enough time to blog before 6 am yoga…

Workout Recap for the Week

Bikram yoga

Bikram yoga (6 am)

Body pump

6.3 miles (right around an 8 minute pace)

I ran with Serge (pictured below) and it was one if those runs that felt amazing because A. an 8 minute pace felt comfortable instead of like torture B. I finally feel back in shape and nothing serious is going on with injuries.


I do however have some blister issues and my feet are pretty sore…but this is not serious and will hopefully be better soon. I am really itching to sign up for another race this summer…any suggestions?

Still waiting for that runner’s high? Check out this article from Active.com
When Does Running Get Easier for Beginners?

My Tips for Avoiding Injury (with my injury track record, I’m not sure I should be giving tips, LOL)

1. Listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, take the day off from running. It is better to sit out for a few days than miss a few months because you made something worse.

2. Cross train. I have been way better at this lately. Hop on the elliptical, rower, or stair master or take a spin class. This will help build up your cardio but also give your body a rest from running.

3. Stretch and Foam Roll. I have not been good about this in the past, but I bought a new foam roller and it feels amazing after a run.

4. Increase mileage safely. Don’t just jump right from a 5k to a 10 miler. Try to add in mileage over a few weeks and build up to a new distance.

5. Rest days! We all know when our body needs a break. Stay in bed on Saturday morning, have some coffee, and put your feet up. You deserve it and your body needs it!

Annabelle update!

She may like bananas…maybe.


She’s still the best thing in the whole wide world.


What are your tips for staying injury free?
Tell me something fun about your day today!

Running with friends and Self Portraits at the dentist.

Annabelle is starting to feel better and I am so relieved that she can breathe easier. 🙂

This is my new favorite picture…Annabelle and her Poppy.


Since I was lazy relaxed this past weekend, I did double workouts to start the week.

Monday:  Spin and Bikram yoga

Tuesday:  Bikram and Body Pump


Today I finally got to run with my running group during my lunch break.  I haven’t really run with the group since I was pregnant, and it was awesome to get back out with them.  Since we were running at noon and it’s June and it’s Maryland, we got to enjoy 6.3 sweaty miles in the 90 degree heat.  I took a shower (ok, not like an “at home” shower but I washed the sweat off) but I was still a hot mess when I got back to my desk.  I think my coworkers are used to it by now :).

I left work early and headed to the dentist.  After he gave me the shots in my gums (ouch!) to numb everything, he left the room to let the numbness take affect.  Since he was gone for a while (he admitted that he was watching the O’s game), I was bored and decided to see how I smile when I can only feel half of my face.  Warning!  This picture is really terrible but I had one of those “laugh out loud can’t stop laughing” laughs once I saw it.  I am seriously LOLing right now.  I’m gonna regret this in the morning…


Since my mouth was feeling pretty terrible, I just had some toast with almond butter and a kiwi for dinner.  I also had a bowl of Breyer’s Light Cookies and Cream with a Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie on the side…not pictured because it’s shameful how much ice cream I can eat.


How do you feel about going to the dentist?

Do you prefer running in warm weather or cold weather?

Workouts, Hashtags, and a Sleepy Baby

Since the Zooma Half Marathon on Saturday, I have not been running. I am being smart as always for once and taking rest days to make sure I don’t get injured again. I took a complete rest day on Sunday, but have been moving every day since.



~Body pump

~Bikram (at 6 am!)

~Body pump

This weekend will include a few Bikram classes and a Sunday run on the trail. 🙂

This past weekend, Chris finally got on the “Hashtag train” and he now says Hashtag before almost everything he says or writes. This conversation made me LOL…literally. He was about to get an x-ray taken…


One of the highlights of my week was seeing Annabelle go from this


to this


to this


in about a minute. One second we were trying to feed her applesauce and the next second her eyes got heavy and she was out cold. I don’t think she is liking “real” food just yet.

I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday night and Happy Friday!

P.S. Tomorrow is National Donut Day and you can get a free donut with the purchase of a beverage at Dunkin Donuts!

Fun Things Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!

1. Casual Friday = jean capris and flip flops. BTW, that sweater was $3.73 and it is from Gap.


2. I love sitting at my desk and seeing Kelly go from working quietly…


…to snapping her fingers and chair dancing.


She is moving cubes on Monday and I will be staring at an empty chair all day long :(.

3. Lunch at Panera Bread with my cousin Carrie.


Strawberry Poppy Seed Chicken Salad and an iced green tea.

4. Afternoon Bikram class…my idea of Happy Hour!


5. Seeing Annabelle smile at me when I get home from work…it’s the best feeling in the world. She loves her rainforest play mat. I could hear her squealing from outside. 🙂


6. Spending the evening relaxing and watching the O’s game.


What do you think?

What made you happy today?

Are you running this weekend?

I would love to…but I think I am going to rest a few days more.

Happy Easter!

I spent the morning with 40 other yogis at Bikram yoga class.  Since I sweat off about 5 pounds this morning, I will not feel bad about the bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs I’m about to consume.

Daddy dressed Annabelle while I was gone.  If he dresses her, you can be sure she will be wearing Orioles or Ravens gear.


We all got pretty and headed to dinner with my parents and my cousin Carrie (also known as AB’s Aunt CK).

004 006 008 012

Chris seems to have been sporting a semi-mohawk today :).

My parents bought Annabelle a big stuffed duck for Easter and AB enjoyed using it as a pillow enough time for me to get a good picture.


And then happy time was over…


I hope everyone had a great day!  I’m off to eat candy for the rest of the night :).

What do you think?

Did you make dinner today?

Did you buy a new Easter outfit for your little ones?

Absolutely!  Daddy did a great job picking out her dress, sweater, and socks.  He went to Gymboree and didn’t look at the price tags…needless to say he was floored when he got to the register.  She will be wearing this weekly until it no longer fits.