Birthday cake, manicure, and a not so good run

Yesterday we celebrated July birthdays in my office. Happy birthday to me and Marissa!

I do not like this picture because I look like a guy, but Marissa looks cute.

Last night I got a manicure from my friend Dawn. She does nails out of her home and she is awesome :-).

Since its been pretty hot in the Baltimore area this week…

…we decided to run on the trail at 6 am. We enjoyed 7.5 miles in the 90 degree 100% humidity heat.

You know it’s hot when even your legs drip sweat.

I can deal with a tough to finish run, but I am really bummed that I have some major pain in the my right butt cheek/hamstring area. It is uncomfortable to walk :-(. I’m really hoping that it will feel fine after sleeping on it. Did I mention how bummed I am?

Moving on to happy things…tomorrow is my bday and we are headed to the beach for a week! I cannot wait.

What are your weekend plans?
Any other July bdays?