Body pump and a gross looking dinner.

Well, the work week is almost half way over. Right? They are calling for snow in my area tomorrow, so I’m doing my snow dance and wearing my pjs inside out.

Once lunch time rolled around today, I went down to my work gym and took a body pump class. I try to run 3-4 days a week and cross/weight train 2-3 days a week. Today’s class was Release 98 (each new release has different music and different choreography) and it was INTENSE! My legs and arms were shaking, my elbows were sweating, and my heart rate was climbing.

I don’t know what it is about strength training, but it makes me so hungry all day long. I was absolutely starving when I got home, so I went with quick and simple for dinner. I had vegetable and barley soup on top of mashed sweet potato and it was amazing. Man, this looks nasty.

(Don’t worry, I won’t quit my job to be a food photographer.)

I’m super tired tonight, so I’ve been on the couch since Annabelle went to bed around 8. I’m enjoying one of my guilty pleasures…Dance Moms. Ok, I might be enjoying two guilty pleasures…

What dessert did I eat tonight?

A. Brownie
B. Cookie
C. Ice cream
D. All of the above 🙂

I feel it already.

You know that feeling when you haven’t strength trained in 3 weeks and then you jump back into a workout ( i.e., a very challenging release of body pump) at the same weight you were using before… That’s me right now. My muscles don’t actually hurt yet, but that spot on my upper back where the bar rests, man is that sore right now. I know I’ll be feeling my quads and chest in the morning…and yes, I like that feeling. 😉
My afternoon snack was amazing today! Sea salt is really popular these days.

Fast forward through work and my hour and fifteen minute commute home, and we have dinner. I LOVED dinner tonight…Chicken and vegetable scramble with a side of potato puffs.

I used Perdue Short Cuts…

And this amazing product from Alexia.

First, I cooked tomatoes, carrots, and spinach and then added the chicken to warm it through.

Next, I added the eggs and scrambled. I used 4 whole eggs and 2 egg whites and this made 3-4 servings.

Once the egg was cooked through, I served with a side of potato puffs and an Honest Fizz “soda”.

The rest of my evening was spent chasing around Annabelle (aka Annabellion) and then cleaning up the destruction she leaves behind. 🙂


Now if these Orioles would just win this ball game…

Favorite way to eat eggs?

Favorite baseball team?

Anybody else sore from today’s workout?

Week of 4/13-4/19: Training Recap

Hey everyone. Since I can’t seem to ever post “Marathon Training Monday” on Monday, this post has a new catchy title, “Training Recap.” I know it’s super original, but please feel free to use it if you would like. 🙂


8 tempo miles – 1 warmup and 7 at a 7:36 pace (this run was followed by lots of cake to celebrate my mom’s bday).


Body Pump class


Track workout – 10 x 400m with a 400m recovery jog in between sets

Our times:


Body Pump class


Last 20 mile run of training!!! 20.5 miles at an 8:20 average pace. It felt pretty good and I’m so glad we start a slow taper from here on out. 🙂


Hang around the house and eat lots of good food. Rest days are super important and I take them very seriously. 🙂

2 1/2 weeks until race day! After watching the Boston Marathon coverage on Monday, I want this BQ even more. ❤

Have a great day!

Marathon Training Monday V: #MTM

Yes, it’s Tuesday. I started this yesterday and had the best intentions to post it yesterday. I failed.
Happy Monday!  I can’t believe how fast April is going…race day is now less than a month away!

Here is last week’s training recap:


9.2 miles on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD.

Strength Training = power tone class (similar to body pump but not as structured)


Track Workout: 3 x 1600m at a 6:51 pace

Our times:

1600m in 6:46
1600m in 6:46
1600m in 6:39

With the jog to and from the track, we finished with about 4.5 miles.


Strength training and cardio – I went to lunch with coworkers, so I squeezed in a quick workout after work.


15 minutes on the bike

3 rounds of the following:

15 squat jumps
15 push-ups
10 back kicks on each leg
10 tricep push-ups on each arm
15 tricep dips
30 sit-ups or bicycles
10 push up planks on each side

This was a great workout and I will try to show a demonstration of some of the moves that aren’t that familiar soon. 🙂


7 easy miles total. Some outside with friends and a few on the treadmill.


A 10k race with friends! I finished in 45:39 with an average pace of 7:22. Serge and Lisa did great too! Lisa placed first in her age group!



Rest day and eat lots of food day!

I hope your week is off to a good start!

Marathon Training Monday IV: #MTM

Happy Monday! It’s an especially happy Monday for me because I’m off work today and tomorrow. 🙂

Here is a recap of last week’s training!

Monday:. 6.3 tempo miles. The plan called for a 7:38 pace but we were over achievers. 🙂


Tuesday: Strength training = body pump class.

Wednesday: Track workout!

1000m in 4:05
2000m in 8:20
1000m in 4:07
1000m in 4:07
1 mile cool down on the treadmill

Thursday: Retirement fun run! 4.46 miles outside and 2.54 miles on the treadmill = 7 easy miles for the day.

Friday: Strength training workout with Jeanette. We did a series of 8 exercises varying from leg work, arm work, and AB exercises. We went through the series of exercises 3 times and my shoulders were feeling it on Saturday morning.

Saturday: 20 miles in the books. We kept a pretty good pace throughout the run and even picked it up for the last 3 miles. It was so great to get in a “good feeling” long run since race day is about a month away!


I hope you had a great week of training, cross fitting, body pumping, walking, doing what like to be doing, etc!


Marathon Training Monday III: #MTM

Another week of training in the books!


7 easy miles


Strength Training: Body Pump


5.5 mile track workout (3 sets of 2 x 1200m with rest intervals in between)

Our 1200 times:



I missed body pump class, so I road the bike for 20 minutes and then did my own body pump-like workout (squats, chest presses, clean and presses, dead lifts, biceps, and abs).

6 miles at an 8:13 pace


We called this our “redemption run”. After a terrible 20 miler last week, we needed a good long run. We did 15 enjoyable miles and only got wet during the last 4 miles. 🙂


Rest day! And a no makeup or shower selfie.

I hope you all had a great week of fitness!


Workouts and food…a few of my favorite things!

My weekdays are pretty much the same each and every week. I go to work, workout at lunch time, work, eat, hopefully see AB for a few minutes, and try to get some sleep. I certainly do love the weekends. Anyway…here is a recap of my workouts for the past few days.

Saturday: boot camp in Florida with my brother and SIL

Sunday: eat as much as I can 🙂

Monday: 9.4 miles outside in 70 degrees and sunshine! I did some tempo miles and ran the last 4.7 miles at a 7:23 pace.

Tuesday: body pump and 10 minutes on the elliptical. The gym was super hot and humid and I sweat way more during body pump than I usually do. It felt so good.

Wednesday: 7 miles at an 8 minute pace…on the treadmill…it was so boring, but it’s an icy and cold mess outside.
Now for the food recap! I’ve been trying to get back on the healthy train since returning from Florida where I ate boat loads of ice cream, brownies, and cupcakes. 🙂

Chopped salad from Subway. This was so good…spinach, lettuce, green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, chicken, ranch dressing, and a drizzle of BBQ sauce.

Breakfast of champions.

This wasn’t a lot of food, but it was pretty tasty.

This is the best snack ever.

Totally random stuff for today…

I wore red corduroy leggings to bed last night.

I love this picture. ❤


How would you rate your workouts this week on a scale from 1 to 10? 10 is the best! I’m going with a 9!

Do you wear real pajamas or just sweats/ T-shirts? I LOVE pajamas and I have a lot, but I just can’t seem to find them right now.

If you don’t take Body Pump regularly…

you will be sore every time. I took a class during lunch yesterday and my inner thighs and my chest/arms are really feeling it today. I definitely challenge myself each time and if I don’t go on a consistent basis, I am sore for days! In order to help my running and my overall strength, I’m trying to take classes twice a week from now on. 🙂
Rewind to breakfast yesterday. I had overnight oats with sliced bananas. You can make overnight oats a ton of different ways, but this is what I do.

Overnight Oats

1. Pour 1/2 cup of oatmeal into a container.
2. Add 1 cup of vanilla almond milk.
3. Sprinkle cinnamon on top.
4. Cover and leave in fridge overnight.
5. Add fruit and granola in the morning and enjoy!

I was famished by the time Body Pump was over (anybody else get super hungry after weight training?). I ate an almond butter and strawberry jam sandwich and a blueberry Chobani.


Later in the afternoon I snacked on two clementines and I ate yogurt covered raisins on my drive home from work. Snacks make the commute so much better!

On the way home I picked up Subway for dinner. I went with a turkey and ham salad and I had some pita chips on the side.

Annabelle finally fell asleep around 9:30 and I ate some “healthy” dessert while watching Dance Moms. Lucky for me she woke up right as I was getting into bed. Good thing she is so darn cute. 🙂

What did you eat for breakfast today?

How many hours of sleep do you average per night? If I get 6 hours, I consider myself lucky.

Crazy socks and a new ride.

Yesterday was Tacky Holiday Sock day in my office. I went above and beyond and wore capris so my socks were showing all day long.

I tried out a new Zone Bar for breakfast and it was pretty good. The consistency was similar to a Lara Bar and the flavor was great.

During lunch, I finally got back to Body Pump and it felt so good. Not so good today though…my legs are sore! After class, I hopped on the stair climber for 10 minutes. It’s amazing how sweaty I can get in just 10 minutes on that thing.

Lunch was a classic pb and j and a Strawberry Chobani yogurt. I will never get sick of peanut butter.

My afternoon snack was a honey crisp apple…this is what happens when you try to cut an apple with a plastic knife.

After work, my parents and I headed to the mall for some Christmas shopping. Annabelle was really thrilled to try out her new ride. (It was only $12 at Target!)

This picture was taken after I told her she could have some ice cream after dinner.

My dinner was food court Chinese food and I have to admit, it wasn’t bad. I was starving though, so maybe anything would have tasted good.

The night ended in a pretty good way…an Oreo McFlurry and Home Alone 2.

Have a great Wednesday!!

Favorite holiday movie?

Are you done shopping yet?

Card Worthy

So, it felt great to get a PR on Saturday. However, it did not look so good. I can’t stop laughing at this picture.

I’m sad that I didn’t have this picture before making our Christmas cards…this would have been perfect! 😉
Yesterday’s workout was “body pump-ish.” The body pump instructor was sick, so another instructor filled in to teach. We used a step bench, a bar, and free weights for 45 minutes of fast paced strength training. It was definitely not as structured as body pump, but my arms are feeling it today. I also hopped on the elliptical for 15 minutes.

Annabelle used a soda bottle to strength train, she is really strong for her age. 🙂

Yesterday’s Eats




Pretend you see a picture of a turkey sub from Subway…dinner of lazy people champions.
Today is a great day for 3 reasons:

1. Office Christmas breakfast
2. It’s Friday
3. I’m running 🙂 (as long as I can still run after eating my weight in pancakes at breakfast)

Tell me 3 reasons why this day will be great for you!