All Aboard the (mostly) Healthy Train.

I was SUPER sore after the HAT 50k and I pretty much sat on my behind and ate for an entire week straight.  I know that my body needed a rest and it was nice to not have the “pressure” of fitting in a daily workout.  I also decided to just let go and eat whatever I wanted for a week.  This mostly meant that I snacked on candy and other treats and ate a few meals that I normally wouldn’t (like a chicken sandwich and fries from Chic Fil A).  So, after a week of pretty much doing no activity and eating a bunch of crap food, I was more than ready to get back on the healthy train.

Here are some of the meals I ate to get back on track!

  • I actually meal prepped on a Sunday and made enough chicken and veggies for lunches for the week.  It was really nice to just reach in the fridge and grab a container and be on my way.


  • I also made a batch of “egg muffins”.  Egg muffins are pretty simple…


1.  Sautee spinach and a clove of garlic in coconut oil.

2.  Add a spoonful of spinach into the bottom of each muffin.

3.  Spinkle mozzarella cheese on top of the spinach.

4.  Mix together 4 eggs and 2 egg whites, season with salt and pepper, and pour on top of the spinach and cheese.

5.  Bake until set.  🙂

  • Love Grown Oats Power O’s .  This cereal is made with beans!  While they don’t taste like Honey Nut Cheerios, they still taste pretty good!


  •  Sweet potato (cover in coconut oil, wrap in tin foil, and bake until soft…thanks for the tip Janae) topped with turkey, mixed veggies, and cheese.


  • Chobani Greek Yogurt with Oats


  • Ground turkey (cooked with some onion, garlic, and taco seasoning) tacos topped with black beans, cheese, and tomatoes.


  • Mahi Mahi with green beans…and a french baguette from Panera Bread (it would just be wrong to let it go to waste!)


  • Turkey, string cheese, and raw veggies (carrots, cucumber, and tomato)

I actually went a full 4.75 days without dessert or any other after dinner treats.  I treated myself with fro yo on Friday night and then my healthy train fell off a cliff on Saturday evening through Sunday.  What did this train wreck look like?  It looked like french toast and bacon, robin’s eggs, fish tacos, sangria, Cadbury Mini Eggs, cookies, ice cream, and popcorn.  Wow, that was just gross.  It looks like I have two speeds….uber healthy or just sit me in a pool of chocolate, cookies, and candy.  Something to work on in the future…

Anyway, I hope that you find some of my healthy meal choices helpful!

Fun Things Friday!

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you guys, but I am SO ready for the weekend. I get to spend 2 whole days with my family and this cutie. She has such good manners and points at everybody. LOL.

“Fun” Things!

1. I treated myself to an egg and cheese bagel sandwich for breakfast this morning. It was a very good decision.


2. I was able to run outside today and I was very warm!

3. I had a nutritious and delicious lunch. We all know what that means, more dessert!


4. I am super comfy today and in a great mood because of leggings (woah, lint!) and boots. I love this combo.

5. It’s date night and I’m running 16 miles in the morning. So excited for both!

What are your Friday night plans?

How many pairs of boots do you own? 2 high, 2 low, 1 snow, 2 Uggs 🙂

Workouts and food…a few of my favorite things!

My weekdays are pretty much the same each and every week. I go to work, workout at lunch time, work, eat, hopefully see AB for a few minutes, and try to get some sleep. I certainly do love the weekends. Anyway…here is a recap of my workouts for the past few days.

Saturday: boot camp in Florida with my brother and SIL

Sunday: eat as much as I can 🙂

Monday: 9.4 miles outside in 70 degrees and sunshine! I did some tempo miles and ran the last 4.7 miles at a 7:23 pace.

Tuesday: body pump and 10 minutes on the elliptical. The gym was super hot and humid and I sweat way more during body pump than I usually do. It felt so good.

Wednesday: 7 miles at an 8 minute pace…on the treadmill…it was so boring, but it’s an icy and cold mess outside.
Now for the food recap! I’ve been trying to get back on the healthy train since returning from Florida where I ate boat loads of ice cream, brownies, and cupcakes. 🙂

Chopped salad from Subway. This was so good…spinach, lettuce, green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, chicken, ranch dressing, and a drizzle of BBQ sauce.

Breakfast of champions.

This wasn’t a lot of food, but it was pretty tasty.

This is the best snack ever.

Totally random stuff for today…

I wore red corduroy leggings to bed last night.

I love this picture. ❤


How would you rate your workouts this week on a scale from 1 to 10? 10 is the best! I’m going with a 9!

Do you wear real pajamas or just sweats/ T-shirts? I LOVE pajamas and I have a lot, but I just can’t seem to find them right now.

Eating healthy meals…and dreaming about dessert.

I consider myself a healthy eater. I eat the every week occasional pizza, but for the most part I choose to eat healthy meals. Here are today’s healthy eats so far:

Breakfast: this bar is super good and super satisfying.

Insert Body Pump during lunch: the back and lunge tracks were killer today.

Lunch: turkey, cheese, guacamole, and greens on toasted whole wheat bread with a side of bananas and raspberries.

Snack: Chobani yogurt with cinnamon granola. I have been loving some crunch in my yogurt lately.

Dinner: I’m not sure about dinner yet, but I think I will get a salad from Subway.

Dessert: once my yogurt snack was finished, I was thinking about my after dinner dessert. Maybe some Subway cookies and ice cream? Maybe Sweet Frog? (FYI. Fro yo is considered a healthy dessert no matter how many toppings you add.)

Enjoy the rest of your evening! I have a busy night ahead and I’m already exhausted. Good thing I’ll be running on lots of sugar!

Would you rather have unhealthy meals and no dessert or healthy meals and lots of dessert?

Fun things Friday!

Happy Friday!!! It’s a three day weekend!!!

As always, here are some “fun” things for this wonderful Friday. 🙂

1. A new favorite snack! Belvita bars mixed into Chobani yogurt. Please try it.

2. Josh Grobin. I don’t care what anybody says, “You raise me up” is a good tune.

3. Homemade chicken salad on a pretzel roll with homemade broccoli salad on the side = awesome.

4. “Healthy” dessert. Yes, it is healthy because it’s Arctic Zero (only half of the pint which is only 75 calories), topped with chocolate sauce, light whipped cream…and two white fudge covered Oreos.

5. Snuggle time with Molly. 🙂

6. 13.5 miles with two awesome friends! This run was not easy and I wish someone would carry me to my car.

7. Love her so much. Even though she is only 1, she understands the importance of the ice cream scooper!


Tell me something fun about your day!

When life gives you ice and rain…

Cross-train! Since the weather conditions are less than ideal today, Jeanette, Gina, and I took an X Fit class. This is a great class that works the entire body and it is HARD!

Here is what we did today:

After class, I hopped on the treadmill to keep my friend Serge company. I ran 2 slow recovery miles. 🙂

I was starving once my workouts were over and this is what I brought for lunch today. Quick, easy, and tasty. The most healthy meal? Probably not, but I could do much worse!

I also had a French vanilla Chobani yogurt. I wish I had mixed in a cookie like I did last week.
While I was at work today, my parents were super helpful (as usual) and they did a lot of shopping for Annabelle’s party. Every baby girl should wear a tutu for her first birthday party right?

Tonight will be a very busy night. It will be full of decorating and baking…and probably a lot of eating. 🙂 I can’t wait to show you how everything looks tomorrow!

Have a great Friday night!

What are your Friday night plans?

What was your workout today?

Crazy socks and a new ride.

Yesterday was Tacky Holiday Sock day in my office. I went above and beyond and wore capris so my socks were showing all day long.

I tried out a new Zone Bar for breakfast and it was pretty good. The consistency was similar to a Lara Bar and the flavor was great.

During lunch, I finally got back to Body Pump and it felt so good. Not so good today though…my legs are sore! After class, I hopped on the stair climber for 10 minutes. It’s amazing how sweaty I can get in just 10 minutes on that thing.

Lunch was a classic pb and j and a Strawberry Chobani yogurt. I will never get sick of peanut butter.

My afternoon snack was a honey crisp apple…this is what happens when you try to cut an apple with a plastic knife.

After work, my parents and I headed to the mall for some Christmas shopping. Annabelle was really thrilled to try out her new ride. (It was only $12 at Target!)

This picture was taken after I told her she could have some ice cream after dinner.

My dinner was food court Chinese food and I have to admit, it wasn’t bad. I was starving though, so maybe anything would have tasted good.

The night ended in a pretty good way…an Oreo McFlurry and Home Alone 2.

Have a great Wednesday!!

Favorite holiday movie?

Are you done shopping yet?

Try something different.

Yesterday’s breakfast is one that I would normally have before a longer run. You just can’t go wrong with a bagel, almond butter, and a banana…and coffee.

Annabelle’s breakfast…Brooks Pure Flow 2s insoles. She loves these shoes as much as I do.

So, I ate a pre-run type breakfast and it was great weather for a run, but I listened to my body and decided to take a running rest day to try something different. What did I do instead? Spin class! It has been a long time since I took one and I really liked the music and the energy of the class. My legs were like jello at the end and I was a sweaty hot mess. Lucky for you all, I didn’t take any pictures.

After class I refueled with a salad (lettuce, orange peppers, onions, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, figs, and pecans), Chobani blueberry yogurt, and some yogurt covered raisins.

After work, I tried something different and I actually cooked dinner! We had BBQ grilled chicken, corn, and broccoli salad. The smoke detector usually goes off when I use my grill pan, but not last night. 🙂

I kept with the theme and I tried something different for dessert. I had a pumpkin glazed doughnut AND ice cream with chocolate syrup. It was a very good decision.



Tell me, what will you try different today?!?!

It was a double bath kind of day.

Today was a Body Pump day and I upped my weight for the back track and the squats.  I sweat more than usual and I was absolutely starving after class.

Chicken and Veggies and Chobani with granola for lunch



Banana and peanut butter for afternoon snack


Now, this may gross some of you out, but if you have children or are expecting a child, you will appreciate this story.  I of course thought the whole thing was absolutely hilarious because I was at work and did not have to deal with it. 🙂

I received this picture with the caption, “I pooped.”  She sure looks pleased with herself.


This one went up her back and there was no saving the outfit.  At least she got to wear it for a few hours :-/.  Chris then had to give her two baths.  The first bath was to get the initial stuff off.  He then had to clean the tub before giving her a second bath where she finally got clean.  She was happy, clean, and poop free by the time I got home!

I think this picture is so funny…she looks like she is posing and she isn’t wearing pants because Daddy couldn’t find any that fit.


To go along with this umm…theme, go check out this post from Cori.  🙂

Did anything funny happen during your day?

Two a days and AB loves country music

It was tough to get out of bed yesterday morning…especially after 3 glorious days off.

A lunch time body pump class got me out of the “back to work funk” I was feeling. If you are ever feeling down, lazy, sluggish…get out and get moving. I PROMISE that you will feel better.

For lunch I enjoyed some veggies


A key lime Chobani


And a peanut honey pretzel Luna bar.

Chris had a doctor’s appointment and Annabelle went over to Jocelyn’s house for a play date with Avery. They are going to be BFFs. Thanks Jocelyn!


On my way home from work I stopped at Gold’s for a second workout. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes on the bike. I wanted to use the stair master but someone was not following the 30 minute rule during peak hours…


Chris’ dad decided to take us out to dinner and we ended up at one of our favorite places…Texas Roadhouse. I had the grilled chicken salad and AB had the milk. We both loved our meals.


Texas Roadhouse only plays country music :-). Annabelle kept laughing and smiling when I sang to her and she was especially fond of Kenny Cheney and Blake Shelton :-).

What kind of music do you listen to?

What type of workout are you doing today?