Body pump and a gross looking dinner.

Well, the work week is almost half way over. Right? They are calling for snow in my area tomorrow, so I’m doing my snow dance and wearing my pjs inside out.

Once lunch time rolled around today, I went down to my work gym and took a body pump class. I try to run 3-4 days a week and cross/weight train 2-3 days a week. Today’s class was Release 98 (each new release has different music and different choreography) and it was INTENSE! My legs and arms were shaking, my elbows were sweating, and my heart rate was climbing.

I don’t know what it is about strength training, but it makes me so hungry all day long. I was absolutely starving when I got home, so I went with quick and simple for dinner. I had vegetable and barley soup on top of mashed sweet potato and it was amazing. Man, this looks nasty.

(Don’t worry, I won’t quit my job to be a food photographer.)

I’m super tired tonight, so I’ve been on the couch since Annabelle went to bed around 8. I’m enjoying one of my guilty pleasures…Dance Moms. Ok, I might be enjoying two guilty pleasures…

What dessert did I eat tonight?

A. Brownie
B. Cookie
C. Ice cream
D. All of the above 🙂

I’m a marathon runner…Annabelle is a marathon cryer.

Hey guys! Thanks for all of your comments and encouragement on my last post. 🙂 Here’s how the first two days have gone…

Day 1

– We took away the bottle and only gave her milk in a sippy cup. (She’s been drinking water out of a sippy cup for a long time, but was hooked on the milk/bottle combo).

Back in her glory days.

– She asked for her “bobble” pretty often, but I showed her that her cup was way cooler and she would forget about it for a while…until the next time she asked for it.

– She ate more dinner because she wasn’t so full on milk.

– She went to bed at her normal time without too much difficulty.

– She woke up at 10 and continued to cry for a very, very long time. We went in a few times to console her, but she got upset every time we put her back in her crib. She finally gave up and went to sleep at 1:30 am and slept until 9. She woke up very happy and did not seem to hate us for it. 🙂

Day 2

– Happy baby!

– She was well behaved at breakfast and she ate a bunch of pancakes.

– She still asked for her bottle, but she started asking for her cup by the end of the day.

– She cried when I put her to bed, but she only cried for 10 minutes. Hallelujah! Fingers crossed that she sleeps all night!

I must say, I’m very surprised at how well she is doing. Her behavior was even better today…maybe because she got a good night of sleep in her crib all night (after lots of crying :-()and ate more food instead of milk? I don’t know, but it was awesome. My only concern is that she isn’t drinking very much milk now. How much should she be drinking?
What else did we do today?

– went out to breakfast
– went to Target
– my friends Matt and Kirstyn and their adorable baby came over this afternoon…we ate and watched the Ravens game (sigh) and then this happened. She has been my dessert soul sister since 2004.


Today was a rest/eat too much day, so I can’t wait for a long run tomorrow!

What is on your agenda for tomorrow?

Best part about your day today?

PS The wordpress app changed and I can’t figure out the bold and italic settings. Therefore, please forgive the don’t randomness going on.

If it wasn’t for the camera on my phone…

…I would have no idea what I did or ate yesterday. I don’t know about you guys, but with so much going on I find it hard to remember the minor details day to day. Thank goodness for smartphones with cameras that allow me to share all of my very exciting activities with you all. 🙂

Chris and I decided to take Annabelle to a bounce house on Monday. What’s a bounce house? It’s a huge room with about 8 huge bounce houses in it. AB was a little hesitant at first and she didn’t like the constant humming sound from the air keeping the houses blown up, but she started having fun in no time.



On Monday evening, I hit the dreadmill treadmill for a 6 mile tempo run.

1 mile warm up – 8:35 pace
2 miles – 7:35 pace
2 miles – 7:24 pace
1 mile – 8:35 pace

While I can’t say it felt good, I am happy to have done it. I sure hope I have some speed for this marathon coming up in a week…eek!

Am I the only one who sweats like crazy and likes to remove all sweaty clothing before leaving the gym?

Don’t worry, I wore sweats home. 🙂

Wednesday was another run day. Jeanette and I went out for a lunch time run (it was FREEZING) and ended up with a nice progression run.

I had to make a very important decision yesterday afternoon. Donut or granola bar???

I did end up choosing the granola bar, but I took that donut home with me…and ate it at 9 pm while watching Red Band Society. 🙂 I did eat a nice healthy dinner first.

Speaking of dessert, I really want to have this when we go to Florida next month. Mom and Dad, please take note. 🙂

Tonight’s dessert looks gross, but it was delicious…one container of chocolate pudding, some redi whip, and two crushed Oreos. Stir and eat.

I am now trying to drink lots of water and talk myself into taking a 5:30 am yoga class tomorrow morning. Who wants to join me???

How many pictures do you have on your phone? Umm, I had 2,000 at one point.

Favorite donut?

Healthy eats and no dessert (well, sometimes).

It’s no secret that I love ice cream, cookies, brownies, etc., and I pretty much eat it everyday. While I workout a ton and eat pretty healthy otherwise, this is not a good habit to maintain. Therefore, I’m trying to cut back on dessert and eat healthy foods instead. I made it 3 days last week and then the weekend happened. Oops.

Thanks for the motivation Janae. You are doing great and it motivates me to attempt this very hard task. Kate, we can do this!

So, it seems that I eat healthier overall when I cut out dessert…who knew!

What’s for breakfast?

Overnight oats made with almond milk and cinnamon. Top with berries and enjoy. 🙂

Cheerios with almond milk and berries.

Note: I get to work at the butt crack of dawn and always start the morning with coffee.

What’s for lunch? Well, usually leftovers from dinner so let’s skip over lunch!

What’s for dinner? (fun fact: we also refer to dinner as “evening lunches”…don’t ask me why because I have no idea).

Veggie burgers topped with guacamole/avocado and tomatoes with veggies on the side.



Garlic pepper marinated chicken with veggies. This meal makes amazing leftovers.


What’s for “dessert”?

Fruit, nuts, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. Tonight I tried the grapes and cottage cheese combo and I was pleasantly surprised.


Let’s see how long I keep this no dessert thing going. One day down!

How often do you eat dessert?

What’s your favorite healthy go-to meal?

Do you prefer a hot or cold lunch?

Fun Things Friday!

1. Cotton candy at work = winning. Thanks, Marissa!

2. Freshly manicured feet. Yes, I have very tiny toenails.

3. Yesterday’s healthy meals.



4. Last night’s dessert. 🙂

5. I’m reuniting with my marathon training buddy and doing a 2 hour trail run tomorrow morning. Can’t wait!


Tell me something fun about your day!

A pretty cool thing to do.

I had big plans to get up super early yesterday morning and head to the gym. Annabelle decided to party from 2 – 3:30 am, so I slept through my gym alarm clock and still felt pretty lousy when my work alarm clock went off. Some days, sleep wins.

Once I got to work, I ate my overnight oatmeal. I am hooked on this breakfast and have eaten it every work day for at least 2 weeks.


During lunch, I went to a farewell gathering for a friend who is moving cross country. He and his wife decided that they wanted a change and they are taking 2 weeks to drive across the country and start a new life near Seattle. How cool is that?

Sandwiches and fruit…


Followed by cookies and a cupcake (cupcake not pictured)

The rest of the afternoon was spent working with my headphones in. Sometimes you just need to tune the office out. I love the Pandora pitch perfect station.

At the last minute, I decided to join my friend Gina for a kettle bell circuit class at our work gym. It was a fun class and we did a bunch of different exercises (squats, swings, curls, overhead presses, more squats, tricep dips) using the kettle bells. I worked up a good sweat and I ended my workout with 15 minutes on the stationary bike.

I made another quick and healthy dinner tonight and I was really looking forward to it because I LOVE sweet potato tots. I sautéed red onions and spinach and added Nature’s Promise Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Meatballs. Served with sweet potato tots on the side, it was the perfect meal.

The night ended with Honey Boo Boo and…ice cream. I think I need an intervention. 🙂

What is the last group exercise class you took?

Have you ever used kettle bells?

My Hunger Games

Ever since this past weekend (very busy and lots of running), I have been sooo hungry. I’ve been eating more often and I am thoroughly enjoying it. 🙂 Here are some foods I’ve enjoyed this past week. PS Don’t judge my dessert intake. Dessert is and always will be a food group in my mind.

I ate 4 pieces of pizza and a cookie ice cream sundae on Sunday evening.



Turkey and provolone on a pretzel roll from a local farmer’s market.


Burrito bowl from Chipotle. This was probably the third time I’ve ever eaten Chipotle and I plan to become a more frequent customer now. 🙂

Pumpkin bread with maple almond butter and a banana.

Grilled cheese (made on a panini maker) and black bean and vegetable soup…side of baby foot towards the top. 🙂

Milk and cookies…I may have had this number of cookies times 2…and plus 1.

Lots of salad.

Hot chocolate and chocolate covered pretzels.

Luna bars and Larabars.



What is the best thing you ate this week?
Are you a dessert person?

RW Day 3: Awesome food and feeling inspired.

On Saturday evening, we had a pasta dinner with the RW editors. After running 2 races that morning, we were all famished and ready to eat.

When I saw the dessert table, I had to go over and get a picture. Such a beautiful sight.


Yup, I had one of each. The stuff in the cup was tiramisu and it was sooo good. The cupcakes were pretty good too…I can’t say no to chocolate.
For the main course there was salad, veggies, two types of pasta, pesto, marinara sauce, Alfredo sauce, beef meatballs, turkey meatballs, and bread.

Just about everything is piled onto this plate and I really wish this was going to be my dinner tonight.

After dinner we headed to a presentation by Dave McGillivray who is the race director of the Boston Marathon. His presentation was called “Defining Moments” and it was incredible.

He spoke about defining moments in his life and told stories of his running adventures and people he has met along the way. He is such an incredible speaker and his story is truly inspirational. He had all of us girls laughing one moment and then in tears the next.

After the presentation, he signed copies of his book “The Last Pick” and took pictures with everybody. They sold out of books before I could buy one, but we still got to say hello to him and take a picture. I’ll be buying this book ASAP.

Tina, Theodora, Dave, Me, and Janae

After running two races, eating great food, and getting inspired, I was ready to head to bed and get ready for the third race of the hat trick…half marathon time. 🙂

“Healthy” Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake!

Here is my recipe for a great summertime dessert! NOTE: I’m not even sure I can call it a recipe because it’s so easy to make. 🙂

1 container of light cool whip
Fat free pudding (4 snack containers)
Angel food cake
Strawberries (one container)

1. Slice strawberries into small pieces and set aside.

2. In a mixing bowl, combine the pudding and the cool whip. NOTE: make sure to leave a little bit of cool whip to top the dessert with.

3. Slice the angel food cake into small pieces.

4. Now that everything is ready, start layering!

– Angel food cake
– chocolate mixture
– strawberries

Repeat until you have 3 layers.

5. Top with remaining cool whip and strawberries.

6. Let chill in the fridge for at least an hour.

Trust me, you will love this dessert and you don’t have to feel too guilty when you eat the whole thing yourself. FYI…I’ve used funfetti cake in place of the angel food cake and that was amazing as well. 🙂



3 great ways to spend a weekend

I had a really fun weekend and I hope you did too! I spent the weekend doing 3 of my favorite things:

1. Running! (Duh)

2. Hanging at the pool!

It was AB’s first pool day! She didn’t seem to notice she was in the water and she was happy hanging out in it for a while.

Thanks for letting us use your pool Aunt Kirstyn.

3. Barbecuing!
Kirstyn prepped, Matt was in charge of the grilling, and AB and I supervised…and we brought dessert :-).

Cedar plank salmon…which was so tender and delicious.

Salmon, veggies, sweet potatoes, and corn (I cut it off of the cob)

Dessert…my own little creation that I call “Healthy” Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake. Recipe on the next post!

We ended the night by watching the movie Redemption. It was meh and you should probably just save your $7.99.

What was the best part if your weekend?