All or nothing. 

I’m an all or nothing type of person. I’m specifically like this when it comes to food and exercise. For example, if I’m on a good exercise regimine and start eating super healthy, I tend to not eat enough for my activity and go a little over board with being “healthy”.  On the other hand, on days where I don’t exercise and eat poorly, I tend to just keep eating because “the day is shot anyway…”  

Today was a prime example…

Breakfast:  Think Thin Lean Protein Bar and coffee

Lunch:  chicken, broccoli, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, and green peppers. 

Snack:  dark chocolate covered goji and acai berries (small package)

Dinner:  black bean burger with sour cream and salsa and sweet potato fries

PAUSE. I should have stopped there and went to bed. BUT, since I only took a short yoga class today (hip/glute is on the mend), why not just dive head first into dessert and never stop. 

Dessert:  chocolate cake with ice cream, lots of skinny popcorn, and more ice cream. Not pictured…thank goodness. 

Now I’m sitting here feeling very full and very gross.  The only thing I can do is move on and start over tomorrow.  Here’s to a healthier tomorrow!                                                                 ——————————————————-

Now that I’ve shared way too much (and ate too much), here are pictures of the best part of my day. 

Annabelle’s first baby ballerina class!  She was not a happy dancer and didn’t want to leave mommy’s side. She finally opened up at the end of class, so maybe next week will be better!


After dance class, Annabelle “helped” me foam roll. ☺️

I hope you made better food choices than I did tonight!  

What did you have for dinner?  Dessert?

19 incredible months!

Yup, Annabelle is now 19 months old! How in the world did she get so old so fast?!?!?

We celebrated her 19 months of life with a trip to the playground. It was a gorgeous night with low humidity and a nice breeze. Our weather has been crazy this summer…it def doesn’t feel like August.



AB prefers to slide down on her stomach and she has no fear. She will go for any slide, no matter how steep.

Favorite Things:

Sesame Street! She loves to watch Sesame Street and her favorite toys and books are Sesame Street. I think we need to take a trip to Sesame Place. 🙂

The beach! She loves to run in the water and chase seagulls.


Running, climbing on the couch, making a mess, etc. She is always on the move and rarely sits still!

Favorite Foods:

Goldfish…all day everyday.

Fruit…blueberries, grapes, strawberries.

Veggies…cucumbers. She eats any veggie puréed, but doesn’t like them in regular form just yet. :-/

Chicken nuggets and Grilled cheese…when she is in the mood

Milk! She still LOVES her milk!


Poppy (what she calls my dad)
Mole (LOL, yes)

I look forward to what she will learn to say and do next! ❤

Moms, when did your little one really start talking?

Any tips to get kids to eat veggies?