Speed work…it hurts so good.

Day 2 of no dessert is almost over! I am currently having this as dessert and it’s pretty tasty.

Dinner was another simple meal (that’s all I can handle with a 1 1/2 year old running around) of chicken and roasted veggies. I really love roasting asparagus…it just makes it tastes really good.

After dinner we spent some time outside with Molly and then I spent some quality time with my foam roller and Dance Moms once AB went to bed.
Speed work…it’s so TOUGH but it feels so great once it’s finished. Since I’m taking another shot at a BQ in September (remember that time I missed it by 7 seconds…yea…), I’m back into marathon training mode and I have a lot of work to do.

Today’s workout:

1 mile warmup at a 9:13 pace

3 miles at a 6:51 pace with a 400m rest interval in between

.5 mile cool down at a 9:13 pace

It was a quick workout and I was able to make it back to my training class with time to spare. 🙂 PS my legs are feeling this workout right now and my new BFF is my foam roller.

Do you like asparagus?

What are you training for right now?

Do you own a foam roller or a stick? Do you use it everyday?

I love Subway and my foam roller.

Yesterday in bullet points…exciting I know. 😉

• 5.6 mile run (easy 8:35 pace) and a 3:30 minute plank.

• This Zone Bar was amazing. I don’t know if I was just really hungry, but I kept saying to myself, “this is so good!”


• Lunch: Goat cheese frittata with sweet potato and mango hash.


• Dinner: Subway (turkey, spinach, tomato, cucumber, salt and pepper, light mayo) and pretzel chips. Subway is great. I buy a footlong and eat half for dinner and save half for lunch the next day. After working 9 hours and spending about 3 hours in the car each day, it’s great to have an easy and healthy choice for dinner.


• Late night fun: Annabelle was wide awake until about 10:15 last night, but we enjoyed some cuddle time once she got sleepy. We also watched most of the Sound of Music. Anybody else watch it?


• Pain in the butt! Literally. After my run, I was feeling some pain in my right cheek and it was pretty uncomfortable. Right before a race, really!?!?!? I foam rolled and it feels pretty good today. Fingers crossed it feels good tomorrow.

• Friday morning selfie.


I hope this workday flies by! We are heading to the beach tonight and getting pizza…my favorite meal to eat the night before a race. 🙂

Have a great Friday!
What are your weekend plans?

Anybody racing??

Planking…in the workplace.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about eating healthy in the workplace. Yesterday afternoon, I decided that we need to not only eat healthy but BE healthy in the workplace. The solution…planking. My coworkers and I (ok, I’m still getting people on board) decided that afternoon planking would be a great way to get the blood flowing and increase productivity. At 3:00 pm, Jay and I planked for 2:00 minutes. I was in my cube and he borrowed my neighbor’s cube.

At 4 pm, we held our planks for 2:15 seconds. Today’s goal is to get a few more coworkers on board for a 30 day challenge. 🙂
Other highlights of the day:

A nice progression run (11 miles is on the schedule for today) 🙂

I signed up for a Turkey Trot! Andrea promised me that Starbucks Christmas coffees will follow the race, so that’s def an added bonus.

Annabelle loves to play with our TV remote, so Chris bought her a play one and she LOVES it.

After AB went to sleep, I was a party animal. Hot chocolate, candy, compression socks, and foam rolling.


Are you the crazy workout person in your office or workplace? I’m soooo that person.
What are your weekend plans????

Fun Things Friday!

Happy long weekend everybody!

1.  1 year ago today we found out we were expecting this little bundle of joy. 🙂


2.  It’s a long holiday weekend of relaxing and barbecuing with friends.

3.  I ordered a few things from Amazon and I am excited for them to arrive.

Spi Belt – I really like to have my phone with me now (what good is a blogger without a camera!), so I wanted something to carry it (and chapstick)  in.

SPIbelt - Small Personal Item Belt - Great for Runners! (Black w/ Light Pink Zipper)

Foam Roller – I really need a new one of these…I have too much muscle majoy annoying pains stuff going on.

Exervo Nimbus EnduraBead Pro Foam Roller 18" x 6" Full Round

Motherlove More Milk Plus – My supply has gone way down since I started exercising, so I’m hoping this will help.

MotherLove More Milk Plus Vegetarian 60 caps

4. I got to spend more time with Annabelle this morning…at 3:30 am.  Good thing she is so cute!


5. I get to see geese families walking around work each day.  As I was pulling in the parking lot this morning, there was a large family taking a walk.  I tried to hurry and get a good picture, but this is what I ended up with. Look closely, the babies are there. 😉


What plans do you have this weekend?

Anybody doing a race?